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    games lagging in my laptop

    1. Illegal copies of windows don't cause games to lag. 2. We've asked him to lower the game settings already. 3. We already know what his motherboard, processor and GPU are. 4. What? I used to play War III on an Athlon XP 2000 with PC Chips on-board graphics, it's an almost decade-year old...
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    How long will my computer last?

    That setup would last one more year, max. one year and a half, for me. I use my comp. mostly for gaming, too. :)
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    Low volume on Street fighter 4?

    You're welcome. :) I'll get SF4 installed again to check the in-game sound settings. But I guess you've already done that.
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    Low volume on Street fighter 4?

    In the bottom right corner of your screen, over there: It shows the volume of all running applications, so you must open SF4 to check its settings. :)
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    Low volume on Street fighter 4?

    If you're using Windows 7, you can adjust the volume of certain applications in the sound volume panel (traybar). Check if you haven't done anything there. :p
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    games lagging in my laptop

    A lot of them? :o Gimme names... :D
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    moving game to another PC

    Yes, confirming, you can transfer your WoW folder to another computer, create a desktop icon for the launcher and it will run fine. I mailed 4 DVDs with my WoW folder ripped to my cousin who has slow internet connection, he extracted them all and we're playing perfectly. :) On a side note...
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    games lagging in my laptop

    Mmm, on the above menu, click view -> select columns... mark "I/O Write bites" and "I/O Read bytes". Check if any processes have massive ammounts of disk operation done. The system idle process CPU comsumption actually shows what's not in use by anything in the system. Random lag spikes could...
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    games lagging in my laptop

    Check, in your task manager (right click taskbar -> task manager), if you have any processes constantly consuming CPU resources. Or take a screenshot of it and let us take a look.
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    Xp drivers

    "Sound : Realtek AC '97" You probably got it solved right there, buddy. There's only one driver, provided by Realtek, for that kind of device:
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    Enable Administrator?

    Have you tried right-clicking the setup launcher and selecting "run as administrator"? Even in an administrator account will full rights, some programs refuse to run if you don't click that option.
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    New Laptop w/Windows 7 Freezes after user login...Please help!

    Which program are you using to display those icons in your tray bar? As far as I know, Windows doesn't have that as a feature, forgive me if I'm wrong. :) There might be a trojan/virus inside that program. Check the AVAST logs for any information on it.
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    Task manager unable to quit any processes

    You can also, alternatively, download Microsoft's process explorer: I recommend it, as it provides you a deeper analysis into the running processes and services. :)
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    Unknown PCI device

    Awesome! Thanks for reporting back. :)
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    GTA 4 not using all my ram

    Actually, the memory usage thing under benchmark/settings shows your video memory, not your RAM.