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    Solved: soundblaster audigy live

    Audigy drivers work fine in 32 and 64 bit Win 7. Maybe you got what you paid for. Make sure you check the model number.
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    Linux just didn't cut it.. maybe i'm missing somehting?

    "the fact it requires a password for everything you want to change, could not seem to disable that." Why do you think windows has so many security issues? (other than spaghetti code). See how far you get logged on as a limited user. I use gentoo and debian and I'd be the first to admit...
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    The Techguy Linux Software from source HOWTO

    Many modern distros like ubuntu and red hat have package managers and repositories with prebuilt software. Although many apps can be compiled and installed (assuming dependencies are fulfilled) you may end up hosing your distros package manager database. eg, you can download, extract, compile...
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    Solved: Booting From 2 Hard Drives

    You'll have to do it the hard way, check here:
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    Linksys Wireless on Ubuntu

    I've never had a problem with bcm chipsets with deb based distros>
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    Remote access a linux box

    I guess if you can't get ssh running, there's no point in bringing up vnc.
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    Solved: Booting From 2 Hard Drives

    I had no problem running photoshop 7 with crossover. And that was some time ago. I think I was running SuSe at the time.
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    Distro suggestion (for gaming)

    If you're going to play CS source, then your extra pc must be relatively speedy. If you want an apt based distro, why not just use the original, Debian? Debian testing (etch) has the 2.6 kernel and more available software than you can shake a stick at. 2 things though, an nvidia based card is...
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    Ram's frequency?

    Some motherboards max out at 333Mhz if you are using dual channel.
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    Print spooler problem

    Run regedit and check HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Spooler\DependOnService Sometimes printer software, esp. lexmark will dump a bunch of dependencies in there. Export the key for a backup and then pull out everything except RPCSS. Then try starting the print spooler.
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    Abit AN-8 can't put wake on LAN to sleep

    I have an Abit AN8 with a dual core AMD 64 4200 and no matter how I set the on board NIC it keeps booting the PC. I have to physically disconnect the ethernet cable for it to stay off. It's the latest BIOS. wake on lan is disabled there and in the network controller advanced settings. It's an...
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    xp wont start

    A repair install will just leave whatever virus or spyware is causing the problem. I sounds like you don't have enough experience to use BartPE or Hiren's so just boot of the XP install CD, delete the existing XP partition and re-install.
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    Internet Problem

    Can you ping the router? Can you ping Turn off all firewalls, check for spyware and check signal with net stumbler.
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    Sending print job over home network

    There are also a few types of printers, lexmark especially, that even if set up correctly cannot work as a shared network printer.
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    DESPERATE! ".wps" documents wont open

    Reinstall MS Works or get a copy of MS Word and import the .wps files. I don't know what you are trying to open in notepad but anything other that a text file, .txt, .ini, .bat will look like gobbledegook.