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    Batch file to stamp PDF

    Thanks Squashman that did the trick!!!
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    Batch file to stamp PDF

    Thanks Squashman...long time :)...I have changed the script as above and still having the same issue :(...Any other suggestion ?
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    Batch file to stamp PDF

    sorry yes I have closed the loop just forgot to copy paste it.
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    Batch file to stamp PDF

    Hi I have created a batch file that will stamp PDF's. But I seem to be having a issue with one command. Can't figure it out. setlocal ENABLEDELAYEDEXPANSION set Files=C:\Users\user\Desktop\Stamp Project\Files set Burst=C:\Users\user\Desktop\Stamp Project\Burst FOR /f "delims=|" %%a in ('dir...
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    Select 20 files for a folder and move them

    k, got something...looks like it's working! SETLOCAL ENABLEEXTENSIONS SETLOCAL ENABLEDELAYEDEXPANSION Echo Gather Top 30 files set to_print=c:\To print\testing set printed=c:\To print\testing\Printed set SrcCount=0 set SrcMax=30 FOR /F "TOKENS=*" %%a IN ('dir /A-D /O-D /B...
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    Select 20 files for a folder and move them

    Actually maybe just move any 20 files and I can skip the "by name" part for now. Thanks!!
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    Select 20 files for a folder and move them

    Hi, I have a folder that has few hundred files and I would like to select 20 files by name from that folder and move them. I am little confused on how to do that. Any suggestions?
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    Powershell Script

    Hi, I am running a logon script that elevates to run as admin. But users get the popup message every time they log in. Is there way to add the script as trusted so once a user clicks yes it adds as a trusted script and runs every time without the UAC popup thereafter. Thanks powershell...
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    Installing older DOS on modern computers

    You can do dual boot OS if you want to have it on the same computer. But do test it before on a spare PC before working on the production one.
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    programing Function keys.

    Autoit might be able to do it.
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    Extend network using Power line vs. Coax

    I have never used the coax setup, but I have heard good things about powerline adaptors. They do the job and your house if fairley new and your should have no issues with crosstalk
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    Dropping Internet

    Try changing the channel on your router. There might be some other device talking on the same channel.
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    Wireless Network Issues

    Check if you have the latest firmware of the router. Also, if you have lots of walls in between that can effect the speed aswell. How is the signal strength?
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    Network connection slow

    Have you checked your SQL server for any memory leaks?...maybe it's the SQL?
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    Wireless Network Issues

    Yea you have N router. If you go to and then inside wireless settings you should see a setting for channel and frequency. Try changing the channel to some other number