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    Transfer from XP PC to Windows 10

    Apologies guys if this is the wrong forum for this thread but I'm hoping for some help one way or another. Just bought a new PC with Windows 10 and want to transfer the files (ie My Documents etc) from my old PC which is running XP. The recommended method seemed to be running Laplink PCmover...
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    Keyboard strokes virus?

    I think my wife's computer may be infected with a keyboard strokes monitoring virus so I was hoping for some help and advice as to what's the best course of action. We had noticed occasional problems over a few weeks and assumed it was the keyboard in some way. Got a new keyboard last weekend...
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    Installing WiFi Decoder on Smart Book

    My daughter has a 'Smart Book' which runs Windows CE 6.0. She then asked me to install a WiFi Decoder onto the machine. I must admit I've never come across a 'Smart Book' before nor Windows CE, my PC knowledge being confined to desktops & laptops and Windows XP, Vista etc. There was a DVD...
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    New webcam install disappears after reboot

    Bought a Mikomi DC-7120 USB 2.0 UVC webcam and initially tried installing it as per the instructions by installing the software from the CD, re-booting and then connecting the webcam only for it to say 'Sorry, you have no video capture hardware'. Searched a lot on the web and found this was a...
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    Unable to boot up

    'Houston we have a problem.' I think I have a problem for which there is no easy solution but I thought I'd post in case any of you guys can help. Came to switch on my desktop PC yesterday which runs XP Home and has been happily running OK for many years but after the initial boot up the...
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    Improving Download Speeds

    I found that for both 'slow' PCs that the speed/duplex for the adapter card was set to 10Mb/Full. On changing the setting to 'Auto' the download speed is now at 10-11Mb which although not ideal is certainly a lot better than it was.
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    Improving Download Speeds

    Earlier today Virgin Media installed a new cable and modem so that I could fully utilise the 20Mb broadband I'm signed for since before today my broadband connection was through the set-top box and so was nowhere near 20 Mb in real terms. I have 4 PCs, 3 desktops and 1 laptop, linked via a...
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    Vista Startup problems

    A relation has started having problems when booting up their desktop PC which runs Vista Home Edition. After the initial boot up 'Please Wait' appears but the startup goes no further and after a few minutes the PC automatically re-boots and goes through the same loop, never actually reaching...
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    Unable to send mails from NTL account

    I've recently acquired a laptop for the first time, partly for use when away from home. I currently have an NTL (Virgin Media) e-mail account and so I set up the account on the laptop within Mozilla Thunderbird, as is the case on my home PC, set up to use &
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    Logitech Mouse Problem

    Tried uninstalling the software as suggested and although the mouse continued to work OK, the same problems as stated once again occurred.
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    Logitech Mouse Problem

    I have recently installed a Logitech LX7 Cordless Optical Mouse on my PC which is running Windows XP Home SP2. Generally it works fine but I've found if I don't do anything for a certain length of time, perhaps only 5-10 minutes, I cannot use the mouse at all to select anything and the Taskbar...
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    Totally removing and then re-installing a printer

    Some weeks ago I posted a query on this forum because I had installed a printer but some of the preferences and help panels were in Swedish and I wanted to know how to get them all in English. No solution was forthcoming and so since then I have been trying various things but still have had no...
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    Brother Printer Language problem

    I have acquired a Brother HL-5130 mono laser printer via Ebay and have successfully installed it but despite selecting 'English' on the installation menu, when it comes to viewing the printer's properties, everything is in a foreign language, eg Pappersstorlek for Paper Size, Kopior for Copies...
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    Sage 10 problem or laptop maybe?

    I'm due to visit friends in the near future who have asked if I might be able to solve a problem one of them is having with her laptop. This is the information she has sent me: "My problem is on my laptop. I have a set of accounts on it - Sage Version 10. I work on the laptop and then burn...
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    Annoyance on startup

    Completed everything as detailed in the last post by MFDnSC and the following is the latest Hijackthis log: Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1 Scan saved at 20:35:19, on 23/02/2006 Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600) MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106) Running...