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    Vista Defender Will Not Go Away

    Sounds like a rogue antivirus program. Try downloading malewarebytes and running it. You can get it here: Update it when it is downloaded, then do a full scan.
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    Solved: M$ Security Essentials

    raybro- the Unlocker app bundles a link to ebay which is considered adware. You might want to read this: I now use "move on boot" instead of unlocker.
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    Windows Mail using Vista Home Premium Create Group e-mail

    Mmm- here is a screen shot of Vista Mail Group mail setup. I am attaching it to this reply.
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    Windows Mail using Vista Home Premium Create Group e-mail

    It is relatively simple. Open Windows Mail. Just to the right of the Send/Receive button on the top of the app you will see a small square box. If you hover your mouse over it , it will say Contacts. Click on Contacts. When that window opens you will see an item New Contact Group. Click on that...
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    anyone know anything about EAV free AV suite?

    I got an e-newletter this morning with an announcement about the EAV free AV suite, but i can't seem to find any independent reviews of the software. There are reviews on CNET and ZDNet, but these are not by actual users (with a couple of exceptions). I just wondered if any of you have tried it...
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    Windows Vista X64 antivirus...

    Why don't you read what people have suggested? As far as I know only Antivir, Avast, and AVG are the most recommended free anti viruses that will work with Vista.
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    Windows Vista X64 antivirus...

    He said he needed an AV and a firewall. Nod32 is an AV only unless you purchase the Eset Smart Security suit which includes AV, firewall and an anti-spam module. A good free AV which works with Vista X64 is Avira :(antivir personal). The firewall which comes with Vista works pretty well, It...
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    Avira antivir question

    You might get a quicker answer on the Antivir forum: Scroll down to the English section and find the Antivir Personal Classic Edition forum.
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    Hp deskjet 697c won't print

    You can download the proper driver from here: When it is downloaded, install it according to instructions. Will work better than installed XP driver.
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    can't open Opera

    Until recently I was using Opera 9.21 (latest version) without a problem. Now when I click on the icon I find I cannot open Opera. I get the error message: "cannot initialize Opera: module 7". I have tried uninstalling Opera, deleting my profile, deleting the Opera folder in C:Programs, running...
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    need older version of quicktime.....

    You might want to try quicktime alternative. It is much smaller than quicktime and works just as well. You can find it here:
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    Looking for llf tools

    Here is one that is free.
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    Firefox not compatible with Java 6.0?

    It is a bit confusing. I updated FF too and got a similar message, but I was already using java 1.6.0 and it continues to work just fine. You can check yours by navigating to and there you can verify what version you are using. You can also see Duke. :)
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    Winamp, id3v2 tags

    On Winamp v. 5.3, you simply highlight the file in question(in the Playlist Editor), right click it and chose "View File Info". Then you can modify it. Mine has ID 3V -1 Tag - and ID 3v -2Tag. Is this what you were looking for?
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    Several programs not working or even loading: Including Norton Anti-Virus etc

    You are obviously infected with some sort of malware (virus-trojan-worm, etc.). That is why your antivirus was disabled (in addition to not being updated for almost a year, I think you said). I could give you all kinds of suggestions as to what to do, but I think the most helpful suggestion I...