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  • hi --- you had responded to a problem i had with a Creative sound card a while ago, back in early october. i didn't have a chance to thank you because my computer crashed shortly thereafter --- not your fault, btw ;-) i had to get a new hard drive, so the initial problem became irrelevant. thanks for your response, though. take care.
    Macro Images would like to THANK JAZZ300 for good sound advice
    Thank you very much !!!!!!!!!
    Hi jazz3000, I just wanted to add further to my post (February this year) which was regarding my new laptop. To recap: I had problems when I was in Windows Explorer. The music files kept jumping about whenever I was online. I am now on my old Epic laptop and wanted to update you on events.

    I continued to have loads of problems with my new PC, with blue screens each and everytime I added software, etc.and the system closing down with Fatal Errors. After numerous phone calls and opening up new support tickets, guess what? Lenovo are sending me a new hard disk!!! I am very relieved and was getting fed up keep reinstalling everything and then having the PC close down on me. I should get the disk on Monday and hopefully it will be the last time I will have such problems (fingers crossed)

    Just to quickly say that I have a very old IBM laptop with Windows 2K PRo but I have unfortunately lost the disk that came with it. I've searched everywhere for to no avail. It's very unlike me but there you go. It's very sluggish so I only use it for extra backup for my files. I wanted to try and format it again to see if it will make a difference but because I haven't got the disks, I wondered if I could possibly copy the system and reinstall it this way?
    I noticed in the event viewer "Wnds cannot unload your reg.file. If you have a roaming profile your settings are not replicated". I've looked this up and there is a hotfix for it, although it appears it hasn't been tested. I do have windows XP pro but it is a different system and I'm sure this will not work on my old laptop .... or will it?

    Sorry this email has become a bit lenghty.

    Kindest regards

    dude remember this post? "
    QUOTE is not allowed so i just copy and pasted it.

    Lesson, "Never believe what a tech, level 1, at Dell or any other company tells you. They read it off a Q-Card. Great news and do us a favor and go up to the top of this where you post and clicked Resolved. Really glad to hear you are up and running. Have a great one...Jazz

    what an unprofessional post you have there. As a senior member you're supposed to be a good example to new members here. and FYI im a DELL TECHNICIAN, (we have sites here in the philippines ) Technicians here dont read scripts or a QCARD. So please dont say anything that you dont know. Although we do have knowledge based tools here ,and everyone needs those but as we troubleshoot, we dont follow it anymore. We rely on our skills. So please Im sure there are also people here in this website who is a technician in a computer company or internet provider and will be mad at your post. We get our living from troubleshooting so please think first if you will hurt someone's feeling before posting. check geekstogo forum and you will not see posts like the one you have there. Also technicians have different kinds of level, maybe that person dell technician that your'e talking about is not that good. But there are also better and best technicians out here specially in the philippines. Maybe they spoke to someone from india. But still you dont have the right to say that considering that you are already a senior member. Thanks and hope you will stop bashing people's job.
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