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    Grinding Sound From CPU

    Interesting that everytime you open the casing and cool it down it works and yet it doesn't with the casing closed. Make sure it isn't your wiring too close to a fan or something simple like that. I haven't had the opportunity to ever hear a CPU grind, so I'm not sure what type of sound your...
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    Super PC - very laggy? Could it be the HDD? I check out the tweaks for your particular OS and see if you can't cut the time down by using some of them.
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    Canon MP 390

    We'll hope it's not that much of an issue. LOL
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    Canon MP 390 This is interesting reading and info regarding the problem your having. Hope it helps. Sounds like it might take a little effort. Jazz
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    Reinstalled Windows XP now I it says "no sound device"

    Are you running an audio pci card or one on the motherboard itself?
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    Reinstalled Windows XP now I it says "no sound device"

    Yes this is the bios and each of the items listed when moved over and entered should take you to a category within the bios.
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    Solved: motherboard ram hdd ahhh

    You have to system specifications here. Name of computer, size of ram, OS?
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    Western Digital hard drive

    Wouldn't it be great if everything is they way they say it's gonna be. I'm going to suggest, specifically because it's a new drive and under warranty you take advantage of WD technicians. I think in reading about Win 7 and some of the issues with SATA as well as secondary SATA that they would...
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    Western Digital hard drive

    I'm a little confused about the steps your taking to install what I think is a second?, HD? You have a Win 7 on a master hd and that's working without the secondary? Or your installing a larger HD as master and that's where your receiving your "failure" error? Can you help us out with a little...
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    Computer is dead

    When you were in Bios did you make sure that you set up your boot sequence starting with your CD and then HD as second with floppy etc a third? You are trying to do a clean format and install?
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    Sound Issues

    I was under the impression your sound is chipset based. Build on as a part of your MB? What does your manual say about the MB setting for the sound?
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    Bluescreen "hardware malfunction" "the system has halted" This will help
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    Toshiba Satellite A135-S4527

    Your best bet is to take it to a tech that can determine what the issues are. It will be a lot cheaper on your budget than to try to determine what the cause is. If it's a simple matter of a PSU causing the issue your HD shouldn't be compromised and your files should be there. It would be up to...
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    Bluescreen "hardware malfunction" "the system has halted"

    What does your Event Log share?
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    Sound Issues try here