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Dec 24, 2011
Jun 12, 2007
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Dec 24, 2011
    1. katonca
      Hey girl, thought I'd say hey. Hope you are well.
    2. Farmgirl22
      Hey chicka!! Just wanted to wish you a happy holiday season, however you celebrate it! :)
    3. twinofangelize56
    4. Shadow Bea
      Shadow Bea
      I hope all is well with you Jess??? It's been almost 15 days since you posted.. your friends are worried!! Big Loving Hugs to you!!
    5. 4realdeal
      m are you and mom t;m still plucking trying to see better its working i;m getting much better hope to see you more often i miss you ..hugs sher
    6. grandma77
      I am doing pretty good Jesse...have a few health problems but I just trust the Lord to take care of me and deal with life each day.

      Hope things get easier for you and that you get the loan you need. It is just good to know you are ok. HUGS
    7. grandma77
      Hey Jesse, Hope things are better your way. Especially the computer problems...hope work is picking up too. Miss seeing you around.
    8. 4realdeal
      Glad to hear from you jess i'm recovering every day i'm so blessed hug mom for me sher
    9. 4realdeal
      hi jesse how are you where have you been how mom? all this is new to me. come back and take a look hugs sher
    10. Speakersrock
      Hey Jesse!..Sorry I hav't sent you a request!

      Hope you are doing okay? - Summer over yet?!
      Take goog care. :)
    11. hannab
      Hey Jesse, we are all missing you and are hoping that your are okay. You will sure have quite the shock when you return and see the new TSG!
    12. 4realdeal
      ]hello jess havent talked to you in agood eyes are healing so i can see alot better hows mom hugs sher
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