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Jun 6, 2019
Jun 14, 2000
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    1. CrazyComputerMan
      Now look what you done! :(
    2. AnyKey
      Spencer (Poquito) is just fine and has a girlfriend, Sadie, who showed up in my driveway in 100+ heat last July, underweight, dehydrated and covered with more fleas than I could have thought possible, smartest dog ever, is his bestest friend. Moved in? Thought you would stay with your Mom. Also thought that you would be killed. So, do you have a job? Have you been down to Dock Street? You should probably change your pic if you want to pick up some hotties on here. And this place is not at all like it was. You can email me if you like, [email protected] I'm still curious. IM is the same, Windows Live Messenger.
    3. jimi
      went and saw my PO, got moved in, looked at ladies, ate real food, hugged alot of people, enjoyed everthing, looked at more ladies - not necessaily in that order. hope the world is treating you right, and you are doing the same in return. live by pike place market at the present - pretty funky. btw i owe you more than this little sentence but i am truly sorry for messin up a portion of your life - that doesn't even come close to what i need or should say but this is all i have for the minute. pocito still kickin??
    4. AnyKey
      So you are out. I'm a bit curious. What was the first thing you did?
    5. jimi
      done deal my friend, mucho thanks are sent to you & cookiegal
    6. pyritechips
      dude, post here again and let me know how to contact you. I think we can get you a temporary password to access your jimi account.

      Peace bro. :)
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