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  • Hey JiminSA hope you are still around, I am now working on a Word press project, can you tellme why I cannot have a the tag-line information in both French and English. I have set the default language as French, but cannot change the tagline information - in settings - to English.

    Also why does my webpage redirect to /info


    Hi Jim,

    The calendars photos stay the same each year, only the dates change for the new year. The 2013 calendars are now available.. The calendars are only marked up by a couple of dollars. I don't know if CafePress will allow me to take off the mark up and sell at my price, but I'd be happy to ask them and set it up for you. Just let me know. Best to contact me at [email protected]
    PM's not showing up my end either mate, not inbox or sent - think it's down to the update. Saw your post... Nice touch mate ;o)
    Hi Jim

    Send me a message via email, I will then reply so you can then send me a zip of the files so I can open it up and have a proper look at the css and see if I can find the solution. I tend to solve things by fiddling, reading through page of css code just makes my eyes swim :)
    Jim, firstly why have you changed to xhtml rather than html 5?

    I would suggest substituting the <nav> tag for a <div> tag as xhtml does not have a nav tag to possibly could be the reason :) Let me know...
    Hi Jim

    I can have a look for you.... later this evening...

    I see what it is doing though, bouncing the thing right out there.

    Ref you mysql question: I don't work much with mysql per - say, but generally with a database, the key is setting it up using relational tables, then using a query to put the data together... how that would work in mysql no idea, but thought the info might help you ask the right questions to the mysql boffins :)
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