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    Solved: how can the range of byte data type -128 to +127 in C#

    You can look at it this way: When the first bit is 0, the remaining 7 bits give you 128 separate numbers (0, plus 127 positive numbers) When the first bit is 1, the remaining 7 bits give you another 128 separate numbers (128 negative numbers) Altogether, that gives you 128+128 = 256...
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    Web Service(Ajax) in

    Are your webpages also going to be ASP.NET pages? I believe that with ASP.NET pages, rather than using a webservice it's more typical to use functionality that abstracts the AJAX functionality out into something that's simpler to work with. The stock toolkit that Microsoft provides for free...
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    Solved: C Sharp Random numbers problem.

    I know you marked this as "Solved," but you didn't provide any details on that so I'll answer anyway. .NET's random number class, if not provided with a seed value, will seed itself with a value based on the current time. Since you are creating two Random() objects at the same time, they...
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    syntax problem

    You're changing the value of $row in the while loop and it probably doesn't have a 'rate' index anymore.
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    Solved: XML DOM compatibility

    Most browsers use the built-in XML parser, but in IE, you have to use an ActiveX object. Luckily, once the parser is created, most of the access methods and properties are the same on IE and other browsers, but there are some differences, so make sure to research thoroughly and test on multiple...
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    Solved: XML DOM compatibility

    I haven't used XML in JavaScript, but I think this is what you need: But there are good reasons to avoid trying to work with XML on the client-side of a web application. What are you trying to do with this XML?
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    Solved: MySql SQL Math Help Requested

    You need a CASE statement: I think it would be something like CASE WHEN Total_Amt >0.01 THEN (Total_Amt - PartsCost) * SplitRate + PartsCost ELSE PartsCost END AS `Rep+Parts`
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    Any programmers and people that understand the OS

    What is it you still want to know?
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    Any programmers and people that understand the OS

    Why do you care how many files the Windows folder has? There's no need to open that folder or do anything with it. I don't know what you mean about Windows 9x being more user-friendly than Windows 7. Care to elaborate?
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    Java: Java and HTML

    From the tutorial: It doesn't say you can use HTML with System.out.println(), because you can't.
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    Solved: JAVA: How to use JSeparator

    This paragraph from the page I directed you to says what you need to know about the width and height: Just like any Component object, you can set its width and height with the setSize() method.
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    Solved: JAVA: How to use JSeparator

    Did you have a look at this tutorial? It's the first match that comes up when searching for JSeparator tutorial, and seems to explain them pretty well.
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    Solved: JAVA: How to change check box on button click?

    andy's code will cause check1 to have the same value as check2 when the button is clicked, but that doesn't seem like what you're asking for. Could you describe what it is you want to accomplish in a more general way (i.e. why you want to replace one checkbox with another)? It seems like a...
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    Solved: JAVA: EOFException

    If you want to store a bunch of data in a file, sometimes you will want to store boolean values. For example, if you were storing Forum user registration data in a file, you might want to store properties like NotifyRepliesByEmail or IsAdmin as boolean values. I have no idea specifically why...
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    Solved: JAVA: EOFException

    I'm not sure I understand your question. If you wanted to store and retrieve a boolean value in a file, you would need those functions.