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    Services.exe not found on bootup

    Get your hands on a Win98 boot disk. You can get to the command prompt from it. has it on there.
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    xp shutting down and restarting

    Try a different power supply, maybe it's going out. Another possible cause is faulty RAM or RAM that is mismatched.
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    new hard drive

    Here is an excellent article on the Windows page file.
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    Wndows XP Pro will not load (amdapg.sys)

    Do have a different video card you can try?
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    Problem with Win Update after a Repair

    Open up Internet Explorer, then go to the tools menu at the top, then to Internet Options, then to Settings. Under setting there is another button that says view objects, click that & delete anything listed for Microsoft (you'll have to actually double click them as most microsoft addins are...
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    [xp] OS and/or overheating

    Most random shutdowns are caused by either overheating or a faulty power supply. In a laptop it's kind of hard to pinpoint what's happening but you can download some kind of utility that will monitor the internal temp. of the machine. Maybe one of the fans went out our the battery is old &...
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    Random Shutdowns?

    That message occurs when there's an unexpected volatile shutdown. It's standard, nothing specific to the problem.
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    Deploying Software to Remote Computers

    For the company I work for we use Trend's OfficeScan & in our startup scripts a function is written to check for trend & if it's not installed to automatically download & install it from the network file server. I don't know the exact script but I'm sure you can find it on the net. Also, you...
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    Deploying Software to Remote Computers

    copy the entire program you want to install to a network file sever & then you can use ms netmeeting to access the computers or something like pc anywhere (that's what use). Also, if it's on a remote server the sys. admin or engineer can put it in the startup script to install.
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    Random Shutdowns?

    Most of the time a random shutdown is caused by either a faulty power supply or a power supply that isn't big enough for your system. Try replacing your existing one with a bigger one. Most XP systems need 400watts or more.
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    Group policy on XP

    Although this seemed to work for me, the first thing I did was turn off automatic updates. When I view the event viwer I also had automatic update errors in conjunction with the WMI error. To turn off automatic updates, right mouse click on My Computer and goto Properties. Next click on...
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    I don't think it is, but do a full system search for it & don't forget to include hidden files & folders
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    Insert Address in Word 2003

    When I go to insert address it just opens up my global address book. I don't get any options.
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    Loading a Business Appication in XP

    What application is it? And what are the operating systems you're trying to install it on?
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    Win XP Hot Fix on Add Remove list

    They're the Windows Updates that are downloaded on your computer. Yes, you need to keep them, otherwise you'll get rid of whatever update it is associated with.