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    cant connect to visible wireless network

    Can you post the same from the wireless connection?
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    Windows 7 Internet Explorer - How do I delete the folder?

    You cannot delete the "Favorites" folder as it is a System Folder, you can however delete sub-folders. No backups?
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    Allow DNS connect to the closest IP?

    You could modify the local host file for the local machines by entering the IP address of the local site for the appropriate local machine.
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    C: Program files

    Did you recently uninstall a program or run a Registry Cleaner?
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    Can someone help me read a ping and tracert test?

    There is no clear solution to this as ISP's can reroute traffic based on need as they desire.
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    dhcp not enabled

    Did you manually enter those settings for the T Mobile card?
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    Allow DNS connect to the closest IP?

    Will the users be moving between sites, physically?
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    Preventing File Sharing on a Home Group

    Disable the HomeGroup. It's junk to begin with.
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    understanding tcp/ip

    Is the modem also a router?
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    Want to upgrade my router - Do I go for AC or N Standard?

    Not many adapters out there right now for the AC, AFAIK, so I'd stick with N
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    Ad hoc issues

    How is the ethernet connection made? Directly to a modem or wired router?
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    Ad hoc issues

    Confused. She is piggy backing off an open network and only trying to connect one machine?
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    Linksys EA2700 -- Not Able to Connect to Internet

    Reset the router by pushing the reset button on the back whiche will remove all of your personal setting. Enter this URL: username: leave blank password: admin From here you can setup your wireless connection and set the encryption Do all of this from a wired connection...
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    Linksys EA2700 -- Not Able to Connect to Internet

    It appears that you disabled DHCP on the router and every device connected is directly exposed to the internet. Resetting to defaults would have enabled DHCP so you must have turned that off by error.
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    Windows Local Network Issue

    Are the two machines in the same workgroup? Can you ping the troublesome machine?