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  • john,
    your friends list is longer than mine,
    makes me feel bad,
    trust you had an enjoyable christmas?
    sure hope so,
    mine was fantastic,
    pj was home this holiday season,
    'stead of the hospital,
    last we spoke, you were puttering with that auto,
    how did that turn out?
    haven't been posting much 'til the other day for awhile,
    when they redid the site, whatever they did,
    couldn't post,
    probably 'cause i keep a pretty tight rein on the cookies & scripts,
    oh well, figured out how to get around it,
    what can i say,
    well, this was going to be just a visitor message,
    hi - bye - whatever,
    anyway, drop me a line when you can,
    enjoyed our conversations,
    take care of yourself,
    ps. and a prosperos new year to you sir!!!
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