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    Problem with USB stick

    This is the USB key.
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    Problem with USB stick

    I slotted the top of a USB stick into my android phone to copy material from the stick onto the phone. When I subsequently slotted this same USB stick into my laptop and tryed to copy files to it from the laptop I got the error message 'The disk is write-protected'. I've googled this already but...
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    Can't connect wirelessly to printer

    I bought a new laptop recently and initially at work I was able to connect wirelessly to the printer/photocopier. Lately however I can't, it just says the printer is offline. The printer/photocopier is working fine. I've gone through my settings but don't know what I need to alter. Thanks in...
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    Laptop screen not showing up on whiteboard

    Thanks for that.
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    Laptop screen not showing up on whiteboard

    Earlier this morning, what appeared on my laptop screen, powerpoints and word documents, was showing up fine on a whiteboard via a data projector. I was using a HDMI to VGA cable to connect the laptop to the data projectors VGA cable. Suddenly it's not working anymore, all that shows up on the...
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    User Profile Service failed the logon ?

    I can't logon to Vista on my laptop, get this error message: The user profile service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded. Anyone know how I can sort this ?
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    Blurry photos on Huawei android phone ?

    Anyone know if there is any way of adjusting blurry photos taken on a huawei android phone ? I downloaded an app called VSCO Cam but I couldn't improve the photos. Any help appreciated
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    Renewing your anti-virus

    When your anti-virus subscription expires(mine is norton) do you have to renew it online ? I went and bought the latest cd in the store, can I run this to renew my anti-virus also ?
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    Advent laptop and dvd compatibility

    I recently bought an Advent(uk) laptop. I want to transfer some information onto a dvd from the hard drive but I don't know whether I need dvd-rw or dvd+rw disks. Anyone able to help ? I've googled for it but can't find out.
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    Transferring data from Windows 98

    I tried to transfer data from an old PC, Windows 98, onto a memory stick, but a message appeared saying drivers were required. Where could I obtain these drivers and how could I then install them on this old PC ?
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    Dial-up connection box

    Everytime I switch on my computer the Dial-up for the Internet connection box keeps appearing and when I x it, it still continues to pop up until I decide that I actually want to use the Internet. How can I stop it permanently appearing on screen at start-up ?
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    Task Manager disabled/No icons on desktop

    When I log onto my home PC (Windows XP), no icons appear on the desktop. When I try to access task manager I get a message saying it has been disabled. I can only access programs through a guest account on my PC. I tried to run a program to remove system restrictions made by malicious software...
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    Can't access anything

    Thanks for your help. Where do I type this in ?
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    Task Manager disabled

    When I try to access Task Manager I get a message saying that it has been disabled. How can I rectify this ?
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    Can't access anything

    I turn on my PC and logon. Then my desktop background appears but nothing else. No icons on the desktop or no start button. The only way I can access anything (programs, documents etc) is through task manager. What has happened ? What can I do ? Is it a case of having to reinstall the OS ?