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    Microsoft Updates will not install

    I have mine set for critical updates only, and just got one update yesterday. Still don't know what it was for, but when I restarted, Google blocked a program that tried to change my default search engine. So you're probably not missing much ;-) Even with the restriction, Media Center has been...
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    Microsoft Updates will not install

    Windows Media Center IS XP Pro. I found this thread trying to find out more about the stupid update that's been bogging down my laptop all day. My Gateway laptop has never had the OS replaced, or any major hardware added. It is XP Media Center, but when I run System Information it says XP...
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    New laptop, wireless needs to be turned on each time?

    Just bought a Gateway MX6453. I have DSL at home, with a wireless modem. In order to get online, each time the laptop has been closed, I need to start Wireless Zero Configuration. Under properties, it is set for startup type=automatic. Then I have to go to Open Network Connections...
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    Help clean new computer

    Talked to emachines tech support this morning, we unchecked lots in the startup menu. Something from AOL was still running in Task Manager. That PRISM file ran itself again too, even though unchecked. Computer came with a 512 chip, I can run 2 gig before slowing down windows. Looking for a...
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    Help clean new computer

    Bought an emachines beginning of October, came preloaded with lots of ... stuff. I'm planning on uninstalling Norton Internet Security in January when the NAV subscription runs out and switching to just AVG. Not sure if the McAffee stuff is still working, that subscription expired already. I...
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    Problems With Msn Messenger

    I had this same problem trying to use MSN Messenger 7.5 on Windows XP, even with my firewall turned off. This was a new install on a new computer. Through google, I found a page where someone said the problem is Messenger 7.5. If you go to you can find version 7.0. MSN...
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    HJT doesn't clean two items

    I'm trying to clean up my sister's laptop. Have run About:Buster and EliteToolbar-Remover, cleaned out a lot of crap with HJT, but still have something left. One line, rkmama.exe, keeps coming back. There is also a variable one, this time it is otdgky.exe. New log below. Logfile of...
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    Needs more cleaning, new log

    I was finally able to get Spybot and Adaware to run, they found several hundred problems, was able to clear all but Huntbar. But I still have Bman and Huntbar, looks like MyGlobalSearch and FwBar too. Norton Antivirus is nowhere to be found. Should I uninstall SystemWorks 2005 and reinstall...
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    Massive problems

    Tried running Spybot and Ad-aware, but keep getting a system shutdown. Typing "shutdown -a" in the run box doesn't work. Norton Antivirus can't be found under SystemWorks menu or under programs. Put SystemWorks CD in drive and rebooted, get normal reboot no option to boot from CD. The...
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    HijackThis log

    I have Norton SystemWorks2004, and recently it seems every few days I get a blue screen that says Norton Antivirus doesn't have enough resources to run. Doesn't stop me from surfing, but I have to reboot to get new email. I'm using Mozilla now, but still run OE5.5 for two email accounts so...
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    What is nphpipb.dll?

    I've tried searching google, but all I am finding are HJT logs that include it. What does it do and can I disable it?
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    Passwords gone

    Tried that, got File not found. I looked for it using Windows Explorer when I was in safe mode, also tried a Find Files on "window.exe". Nothing finds it. I've always had show hidden files turned on.
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    Lexmark Z23 is evil

    Have an old Lexmark 1100 which is wonderful but no longer fully ejects pages. Replaced it with a Lexmark Z23. It is currently unplugged and not the default because I bought a black and white laser (Brother MFC-4800, I love it!). I would like to keep the Z23 installed for my infrequent color...
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    Passwords gone

    Can't find window.exe anywhere, could HJT have taken care of it? Passwords are back, thanks! Neither Spybot nor Ad-Aware found anything before.
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    Passwords gone

    Rebooted my computer, and now all my email account passwords are gone. Before looking them all up (I have multiple addresses) I thought I should check for anything watching. Spybot is still running but here is my HijackThis log: Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7 Scan saved at 4:26:45 PM, on...