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    monitor requirements for HD video card?

    I believe the "HD" just means that the card either has an HDMI connector or comes with an adapter wire that will allow you to connect your PC to a separate HDTV. On a side note: I've been seeing a few new 24" LCD monitors coming out in the past few weeks with built in HDTV tuners @1080p for...
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    Solved: PC Problems, need some help!

    Smells hot?? Like a burning electrical smell? See if you can isolate where the smell is coming from. Take the side off the PC and check everything with a flashlight. Make sure no wires are jamming a fan and no capacitors are bulging. The usual spot for that kind of smell is the power...
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    Solved: PC Problems, need some help!

    It's normal (as far as I can tell) for the Drive Properties to look that way when there are no discs in them. My DVD drive shows the same thing. (I don't have a floppy to check.) If your CDRW drive is not recognizing blank discs, then it may be time for a replacement. They're really not...
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    KVM for wireless usb kb & mouse - ubuntu & XP under £50

    I've been using an IOGear KVM for close to a year now and am fairly pleased with it. It was only $25 USD here, so it should fit your needs.
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    How to connect Multiple hard disks

    Or, if your PC case has enough internal space and a PSU with sufficient power, you could just get an extra IDE controller card and hook up all the extra HDDs to it.
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    Computer won't boot up (don't see the BIOS)

    Yes, the cable from the monitor to the video card. Sometimes it gets damaged and needs replacing.
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    Computer won't boot up (don't see the BIOS)

    I would try replacing the video card. A system that old probably has an AGP slot for video. Maybe a friend has an old video card lying around you could try. Make sure the pins on the video cable are ok too.
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    Need Help Choosing a Motherboard

    Why not just replace the heatsink/fan unit on the northbridge?
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    Video Card (small display problems)

    Open the case and see if the fan on the video card needs cleaning. Check all the other fans while you're in there. You can use some compressed air to clean them.
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    Bad hard drive? Advice needed!

    You may want to read this:,6844.html
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    Choosing a monitor, please help

    This should answer your question:
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    Solved: Second hard drive problems in vista

    Ahh..ok. Actual model number is P4M900M2-L Alright.. Looking at your manual, it seems like channels 0 & 1 are the IDE channels since they support two devices each. 2 & 3 are the SATA channels. The DVD drive is...
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    Choosing a monitor, please help

    Looks good to me. 3 yr warranty too. The only thing about AOC (to me) is I found the menu button a little hard to use/understand when I was shopping at local stores a few months ago. Maybe it just requires reading the manual first. :)
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    Choosing a monitor, please help

    I would go with the Samsung or AOC. Contrast ratio is the most important thing for movies and games to show really good black levels and they both have DC 20k:1. The AOC has the added bonus of the DMP processor.
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    petite redhead with problems

    If you are still trying to start the PC using the old HDD, then that is your problem. The HDD is probably dying and as soon as it warms up, it stops working. You should unplug the old HDD for now and get the new HDD installed with an OS and started. Once the new HDD is all set, set...