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  • Hello JsSntgRvr; just thought I would drop you a quick note to thank you again, and let you know all is well on my wizard box now. Thanks.
    Hi you worked with me before to clean Malware. I am hoping you can help again. I am getting Sendori ads
    and can't get rid of them. I will post under Malware.

    Hi you helped me while ago with problems with my PC . Well my son downloaded something to watch NHL hockey on line and now I have all this stuff that pops up. Kaspersky found a bunch of Trojans and I believe it removed them. Can you help me get all this off my computer. I have posted on the site Malware Adware, Trojans. I look forward to hearing from you

    This is laforet.

    You requested that I send you the OTL.txt log.

    I have tried numerous times to send it, but I continue to be timed out.

    I sent it to you via bleepingcomputer.com, but I guess you didn't get it.

    What can I do to get the log to you?

    Thank you!
    When user starts up her machine gets the two error messages.
    Error loading C:\windows\ipmaut.dll . The specified module could not be found
    Error loading C:\windows\abecucaqiqe.dll . The specified module could not be found
    I know that is not virus related. As I run the MBAM and scanned the machine with several different online anti-virus scanners.
    The Computer runs on Windows XP Profeesional with service pack 3.
    Would you be able to help out.
    sorry for the late reply! Schools been really busy for me. Yes there are files in all of them except
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