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Aug 29, 2014
Aug 9, 2004
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from Great Lake region

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Aug 29, 2014
    1. Farmgirl22
      Seems neither of us are here much any more, but I was thinking of you the other day, and since I'm here trying to fix my computer I thought I'd say Hi!
    2. CrazyComputerMan
    3. CrazyComputerMan
      I got Autism Spectrum Disorder #disabilityconfident :)
    4. CrazyComputerMan
      Awesome! Can't wait to tell my boss, he'll be over the moon!, Incase I ask in return of full time job :D :D
    5. katonca
      Not yet bro, actually my slipping memory forgot all about it. I'll make a note of it. Hope you are well.
    6. CrazyComputerMan
      Any info about putting UbiDuo on your site? Me and Gabriel are anxious about it :)
    7. CrazyComputerMan
    8. ashes@work
      [email protected]
      Yes yes 12-0 even beat my expectations! Such a fun year of a practice. I think next year could be lots and lots of fun! :) And the next 10 years.. maybe 20..shoot he could be peterno like and do this till he dies :)
      eh ive been around this wek.. im in a bah humbug mood and dont feel like working... trying to spend less time on facebook.. so i spend that time here :) lol eventually ill get myself evened out to less internet time all together :)
      have a 2.5 year old is fun.. and exhausting...we are in potty training stages... that part is not fun...
      thats about it for me too... same job.. and all that crap that goes with it.. yup...thats about it :) glad to hear you are doing well.. hope those grandbabys are keeping you on your toes :)
    9. CrazyComputerMan
      *pokes* heard of Ubi Duos?

    10. ashes@work
      [email protected]
      Dave!! Where are you!
    11. Speakersrock
      Hey Dave!
      Not too much! There is still a massive questionmark hanging over my job, it never ended when it was meant too but it looks like it will do now within the next couple of months.
      Thats so great! I'm so happy to hear your boys are keeping in contact and your grand children are growing up well. Have you been having a nice summer?
    12. katonca
      Hey bud, so glad to hear from you. It's been since Christmas just about.

      Sorry to hear about your job. Loosing a job can be a life changing event for sure, hopefully it'll be for the best and you'll land a better job quickly. Glad to hear you're keeping the websites going....that's exciting.

      Things are well here for the most part. Having to cope with stress is not always a bad thing I guess.

      My boys are doing good. My youngest is coming home with his wife this month. They'll be here for 2 weeks. Maybe we'll do some fishing. My oldest is raising my grand daughter. She's so great. Very kind.

      Hope all is well with you and your family. I often wonder how you're doing.

      Take care
    13. Speakersrock
      Hiya Dave,
      Just a quick hello! Hope all is well with you and the boys?!
      All doing well here. Work (which is pretty much were i spend 90% of my life) is possibly closing next year so not sure what I am going to do with myself then. However I have still been trying to keep the websites going and make a little something out of that, as It would be nice to try and develop in the long run!

      Really do hope things have straightened out a bit more now over there!
      All the best, Matt
    14. CrazyComputerMan
    15. Speakersrock
      Howdy Dave! Wow, its been a while!.

      Robert left me a message to say I was being missed, so here I am!. Im delighted to see your thread is still going! - and so will post a longer note to everyone in there!

      More to the point, how are you doing?! - and what is the latest on what is happening with your websites?
      I reallllllllly hope you are well!
      Matt. :)
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