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  • VBA Excel: Further developing dynamic dialog selection form, option and checkboxes based upon number of elements and screensize
    Thank you for reply,
    when a access form field has focus, if the text field "year" is "2000" for example, then the shortdate DueDate field is to be #05/01/2001". As you can see, the DueDate field is always one year more than the "Year" show field. But the DueDate field show the #error
    Hello Good sir,
    I'd like to know if it is possible to re-open a thread ( You gave me an amazing formula that actually worked and does what it should do, but I'd like to know if it's possible to apply that formula to the whole column. Lets say my column has 3 rows:


    With the formula, right now I am creating a new column, in which I use the formula to transform these numbers into the appropriate format, then I have to copy the whole column and paste only the values in the original column and then delete the column I used for the formula. I'd like to know if it's possible to directly apply this formula on the column itself with some vba. I tried recording my macro, but since the number of rows is different from file to file. I still spend a lot of time doing stuff manually.

    Thanks a lot in advance. :)
    Hello Hans.
    I am desperately looking for answer on something You might know:
    If there is any way via code copy worksheet within workbook without copying sub/macros/code in original worksheet?
    Thanks in advance...
    Hi Hans, sorry for delay, just been out to get a new internet modem, my connection is much better now. I think what I will do is send you my complete 2003 wb so that you can see exactly what is what. If you sell it, we go halves on the profit. It is a diamond pricing calculator, really useful to jewelers. As you will see,it has 30 sheets, 24 of which contain data bases and conversion formulas. Before I send it you must tell me if you have the means to open the password protected vba editor. If you haven't then let me know.
    Regards, John
    Hi! It has been a long time - I have been unemployed since Jan. of 2011 and don't have a new version of Office (I have been using LibreOffice instead, but I don't really like it much.) The lack of a newer version has meant that I haven't been able to assist people on here much. I miss it, but oh well....
    Hi mate need a formula for a an excel sheet...
    If I type firstname lastname in cell A, cell B should auto populate with [email protected] (ex: satish babu in cell A = [email protected] in cell B).... This formula did not work anyother suggestion (=LEFT(A1,FIND(" ",A1)-1)&"."&SUBSTITUTE(A1,LEFT(A1,FIND(" ",A1)),"")&"@XYZ.COM")
    Hello Hans, I just saw your note from January! Sorry I missed it. I like your function. As little overhead as the constants carry, since they are loaded at time of compile, I don't mind just concatenating what I need together, and would use less resources during run time. Why did you not just use the String() function, why the loop?
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