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    1. sircedric
      hello kevin i was trying to post a problem im having wiyh my iconia tablet and google play services is not working. but under the android devices i can not post . if you could direct me to the correct area plz
    2. SinfulAngel
      Hi Kevin, :confused: do i have u stuck on whats wrong with my pc?.. i am so sorry to bother u with my problem, I hope to hear back from u soon... SinfulAngel (Debbie)
    3. kevinf80
      Thank you for the update,
    4. Canan
      Hello Kevin,

      This is Canan if you forgot (Malware that I can’t remove). Just would like to let you know how the problem with my Apps got fixed. Did a Update and Recovery - Recovery - Refreshed my PC without affecting my files. To simple, well that fixed it for me. Just wanted to let you know.

      Take Care,
    5. zkhul
      Hello Kevin, could you take a look at this thread started by Zkhul and let me know if you can help or do you think malwarebytes could correct what I believe PCHealthKit messed up? "On Dell C521 "repair" takes me to looping twixt Dell and Windows screens"
    6. kevinf80
      Yep it is a mistake. Unfortunately the thread is locked so you would need to let one of the Admins know to make the change, is no big deal really, if you want to use that C/R just copy the instructions in bb code to your C/R bank and make necessary change there yourself...

      If you look at the opening sentence I do say you can tweak if you want:

      Any of you guys tried this tool from Malwarebytes, we`ve just been given the option to run it at SpywareHammer, ive knocked up this c/r, if anyone wants to use or tweak c/r please feel free to do so..
    7. DrDOS
    8. BrianJones
      I hope this isnt bothering you. But I got a new laptop from Dell for my small business and I was hoping to have someone help me remove all of the junk they install on their Laptops that I dont' need for my laptop to function. And then after removing all that trial software and things - was going to install a better anti virus software program. Is this by chance something you can help with? If so, or if not, can you tell me in which forum topic i should post such a question please? Thank you.
    9. hendri1995
      Hi Kevin, It happens again
      Check my latest post, thank you
    10. hendri1995
      Hey Kevin, thanks for your help (It dont show again)
      I have posted the logs, can you check it out
      What else I have to do?
    11. sgrbr
      Hi Kevin,

      I'm having a Trojan issue with a friends computer that I'm attempting to fix. I posted in the forum for some help and haven't received any help. I was just wondering if you would take a look for me. Thank you very much for the help you gave me with my last post.

      Cordially, John.
    12. jmannifield
      Hi Kevin,

      Sorry to bother you. Just wanted to let you know I got through the DrWeb express scan fine and it is still running the complete scan. Once that is done I will run the Security check and post them for you.

      Thank you so much for all you are doing for me.

      Joanne Mannifield
    13. jam1980uk
      hello my friend how are you hope your well. question if i may when you helped m out we had a few issues with my monitor it wouldnt work now computer has been great now a few days ago my misses was on computer and screen froze went a yellowish colour and had to turn system off with main button as nothing at all would responed, and when i turn on now it just says no video input. my comp has a built in video card i dont have aqn other 1 do you have any idears please thank you
    14. kevinf80
      Email accounts are web based, if your accound is compromised you will have to change your passwords
    15. jam1980uk
      hello my friend hope you are keeping well.
      Question if you dont mind plz over the last 3 weeks or so i have had 3 email accounts blocked because i keep spamming people how can i solve this plz
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