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    Slow Fiber Connections

    Your cabled speed seems to be on par with that provider. Your wireless speeds could definitely be improved. There isn't enough information in your post to know what hardware you have, and what type of network equipment you have.
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    Printing from PDF

    Have you tried printing to PDF using the Microsoft print to PDF printer instead of the Adobe print to PDF? And I clearly recall something in Excel that allowed a worksheet to be formatted specifically to fit a page. It could be something like "fit all columns on one page", or something about...
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    Attempt to Image my PC HDD

    FWIW, I use AOMEI Backupper. The paid version isn't a lot of money, and it has a whack-load of features, including a bootable restore. And depending on the version you purchase, it is allowed on more than one device. I recall the version I have being allowed on three (3) different PCs.
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    Utilization increases and everything else drops out

    A few things come to mind. First, there could be a heat issue. Perhaps the 5950X is getting to hot and slowing the clock to avoid excessive heat. Another could be settings on the motherboard BIOS. Since you went from one CPU to a newer CPU, and then encounter problems, I would go into BIOS and...
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    Attempt to Image my PC HDD

    Nick, Usually, a rescue disk is a bootable disk image that will help do a restore or allow access to a damaged PC. What you really need is a system backup. That is the image you would restore in the event of a crash/failure. The bootable rescue disk would restore the backup image. And you are...
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    Windows/Microsoft account logs out each boot

    People are watching the thread so someone will help you get it sorted. Please let us know how you make out.
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    Solved Windows 10 64-bit - Icons rt of taskbar disappear randomly

    To estimate how serious this problem is, create a new user account on your PC. Log into that account and see if the problem persists with that new account.
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    Windows/Microsoft account logs out each boot

    I would suggest you disconnect the old (original) system disk, or disable the device in BIOS. Once you are sure the new drive is working properly and everything is there, then reconnect the original drive and format. Don't be surprised if the format fails because the disk appears to be in use...
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    Newish GPU not displaying a signal

    Are you able to see the BIOS screen before Windows should be loading? Do you see anything on any of the monitors? If not, I would focus on just one monitor, and leave the other disconnected until you can get something to work with one display. Do you best to place the PC in BIOS mode and then...
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    Troubleshooting Internet Instability

    You are correct. You would want to run Windows off the USB drive, but NOT create bootable installation media and install / overwrite the existing C: partition. The goal here is to create an untouched version of Windows 10 with the proper drivers, and determine if your stutter/drop problems...
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    Troubleshooting Internet Instability

    Here is a suggestion on another way to test the laptop hardware to make sure it is not something specific to your installation of Windows. I would make a bootable Windows on a USB drive. Yes, I know the disk IO will not be as good as if you were running off a SATA or NVMe disk. But for testing...
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    PC USB female input port to female output port digitaly?

    I believe the answer to this is that you cannot do what you want. What you are referring to is commonly referred to as a hub in Ethernet terminology. Unlike a switch that limits traffic to a port to only that needs to go to the port, a hub is a dumb device that broadcasts all packets on all...
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    Can't connect to internet

    This reads more and more as though just the Realtek adapter has something plugged-in for the IP address, route, DNS, etc. It is possible in Windows to have multiple Ethernet adapters and assign a different IP to each (for networks with many subnets). Open Settings, then Network & Internet, and...
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    Can't connect to internet

    I thought you had uninstalled NetLimiter already. I would get the PC network to the least amount of components needed. That means uninstalling NetLimiter and anything else that is supposed to "help" network and gaming performance. You should be left with only Windows networking, the adapter, an...
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    Can't connect to internet

    I think the quickest fix is to let Windows reset the network stack. The NetLimiter app might have changed something and does not completely undo itself when being uninstalled. From Settings, go to Network & Internet. At the bottom of the page will be a link marked Network reset. Click that and...