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    98SE Internet Connection Sharing

    Hello I have a computer running 98SE (can be ME if that would be significantly easier though I am terrified of the "Windows protection error. You must restart your computer" bluescreen that came up once a week without fail when I did use that OS, forcing a reinstall) I get my internet through...
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    XP icons in Windows 2000

    Ok I installed windows 2000 on my main rig so my brother could play steam games on it and I am tweaking it a bit. I already done quite a lot but I am stuck on one thing. Icons. Windows 2000 explorer icons like My Computer (and all the device & control panel icons within), My Documents, My...
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    Solved: After IE7 install, very slow operation

    Ah. Your computer is slow because you are running Windows. If you want a faster pc you must upgrade to Linux or buy a Mac!
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    This doesn't happen on Linux...

    My dad is getting the same problem on his pc that made me delete my Windows install completely. When he runs apps that use openGL like the RTCW game, it keeps freezing and looping part of the same sound over and over again for a few minutes. After that it either unfreezes for a minute or two...
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    Replace Vista with XP

    Vista is the worst operating system since ME. And the primary reason micro$hite is rapidly losing ground to apple and Linux. Yes, in the meantime before you can upgrade to Linux or get a Mac you definately should go back to XP. You also should not need to tweak Vista to get the best performance...
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    Game recommendations?

    If you are likely to be playing online I highly recommend Return to castle Wolfenstein. Half life 2, doom 3, quake 4, enemy territory: quake wars will all run perfectly well on that machine. Also Serious Sam 2, Far Cry will work fine. If only single player then I highly recommend a very...
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    Solved: Backup Question

    If you put your home folder into a seperate linux partition then you should be less likely to need backups.
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    comp came with FEDORA fc8, need to install XP-PRO for business

    Dunno why bios would be odd on a Linux computer?? Set usb device or cd drive as your first boot device. If you dont know where to find the boot device look through the menus until you find a list with 1. hard drive 2. cd rom 3. Removable. or something like that (device names should be listed)...
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    Your opinions on installing Linux

    How is Ubuntu easier than Fedora?
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    Solved: Trying to Install Win 2000...

    What sort drivers would you be looking for? Generally drivers are pretty easy to find on Linux these days.
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    DX10 on Windows XP

    Just move to Linux. If more people do that then windows will lose its only advantage: Compatibility, as developers will make for Linux instead- as thats would be where the moneys at.
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    Your opinions on installing Linux

    Good point. It is much easier to install multiple linuxes than windowses. and select the one you want to boot from the grub menu
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    DX10 on Windows XP

    Hah great OS my ***. Anyway, XP will still be supported by openGL (which is better than DirectX anyway) BTW, If vistas so great why does it need sooooo much memory?
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    Solved: Trying to Install Win 2000...

    I strongly recommend using Linux. (though you may want a newer version depending how old the one you have is) Would be much more suitable in this situation and installing it is even easier than windows 2000. Head over to the Fedora website and download the install dvd and burn it. Installing it...