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    Solved: Dell Laptop

    I can't imagine what Dell are trying to tell you, if you have an internet connection you should be able to download whatever you want. What do they say you need to upgrade? What prevents you downloading?
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    msvcp60.dll Security Tab

    Is this XP Home? Try Safe Mode, alternatively see
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    Solved: D-Link DIR615 - Setting up a password

    I'd guess the iPad isn't asking for your router password, more likely your security passphrase or key.
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    Can't get my hotmail on my Samsung Eternity

    Can you log in to Hotmail ok on a PC? If so, I'd try deleting the account from your phone & set it up again.
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    Blackberry Protection

    It doesn't look like Kaspersky supports Blackberry, check compatible devices here ....
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    Just done a fresh xp home SP1 install....

    Look under the Original Drivers, the network adapter needs the LAN drivers, the Audio is there too. You'll also need the chipset drivers and, probably, the graphics.
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    Solved: Java Updates removal

    You only need the most recent (which is version 6 update 17). Updates don't overwrite the previous versions so you can end up, as you have, with multiple versions installed. If I were you I'd uninstall all of them, then download & install the current version .....
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    Addons For Chrome

    Maybe? ................
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    Western digital hardrive

    Have you confirmed that the jumper is in the correct position for Master? After disconnecting the old drive did you try connecting the new one to the same cable?
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    Western digital hardrive

    Have you set the new drive to Master?
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    Please help! I need a dll.

    This is a different motherboard to when XP was originally installed? If so you'll need to run a repair install. ......
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    Disabling backspace key?

    Maybe you should wait & ask your instructor, I may be wrong but I don't think this is possible, nor can I think of a good reason why anyone would want to. .. :confused:
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    W7 Backup

    The CD will be the hard copy, or have I misunderstood?
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    Solved: Problem in Facebook

    These links indicate it's a recent thing with the cause not yet clear...
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    smtp error

    Have you checked that the smtp server settings are correct? Who is your mail provider?