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  • Hi, found your post below from years ago and it just fixed my problem. Could not print from Outlook 2010 to network USB printer but MS Word would print fine. Any idea what caused this? Remote laptop printed fine to network printer one minute then 30 min later no print in spite of multiple reboots and re-creation of print device on laptop. Would like to know how to avoid this in the future.

    Thanks for a great tip!

    Your old post:
    Try a common fix for this one.

    Start - Run - type:
    regsvr32 ole32.dll
    and Enter.

    Note there is a space between regserver32 and ole32.dll
    It reregisters a dll file, if it is not the cause it will not break anything.
    Hello from Pittsburgh, kiwiguy.
    I read your posts with a guy from a few years ago on a Dell startup message problem, but I couldn't understand any of the explanations of how to fix it.

    Here's what I'm getting on my Dell Inspiron 710m:
    Broadcom UNDI, PXE -2.1v2.0.9
    Copright information
    PXE - E61: Media test failure, check cable
    PXE-MOF: Exiting Broadcom PXE Rom
    No bootable devices - Press F1 to continue or F2 to reboot

    I reboot and it brings me right back to that screen. Any thoughts or suggestions??
    If you prefer email, I'm [email protected]
    Hello from Texas! just a short note to say hello. I believe we are 6hrs ahead and a day behind(18hrs) New Zealand so its quite early.I'm an HP Certified Laser Printer tech. Been at it about 10yrs but 3 yrs of my Air force Electronic
    career was in Timaru and Mt john Satelite tracking Station way back 1970's. I'm considering a NZ retirement but would really prefer to stay busy. Any Ideas. Thanks, George
    Hi kiwiguy

    i've done the same as below and wondering how i cud get gmail or google to undo the spam report for my friend's gmail account as I can no longer receive any email from them. When they try to send me email from their gmail account they get a "delivery failed permanently" message.


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    08-Jul-2007, 01:54 AM #6
    Unmarking is a local action, simply transferring what Gmail servers thought was spam into your inbox because you personally disagree with their classification.

    But "report as spam" is an instruction for Gmails servers to vote for always marking as spam, there appears to be no way to undo the "report as" function.

    But it will take much more than a single mistake to have Gmail permanently mark the email address as spam, as above. It would take many people over several days, according to Google Groups.
    The port is a BYTECC PCI card.I contacted theBYTECC but haven't heard back from them.I.ve tried updating drivers,reinstalling nothing works.Hoope you can help?
    man i need your help, i have a DELL LATITUDE CPi
    i have sound now, but i don't have the video driver for XP
    you can help me please?
    my email is [email protected]
    please ask to my email

    man i need your help, i have a DELL LATITUDE CPi
    i have sound now, but i don't have the video driver for XP
    you can help me please?
    my email is [email protected]
    please ask to my email

    Wondering if you can offer some kiwi wisdom on a little ms word 07 issue. I'm writing a thesis and using programs like endnote in conjunction with word. For some reason, when I open word all other programs take a while to respond, painfully slow actually. I understand there is a small compatibility issue between word 07 and endnote X (rather than X1), but when endnote is closed the same problem occurs.

    Thanks for your help.

    P.s. Didn't mean to nab your user name.
    hi im sorry to bother you its just your the only one who understood my problem about the hum loop, i was wondering if you could make your reply more clearer, i didn't really understand what you meant by "Unless you can safely ground the appliance at the other end, I see no solution" Thank You
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