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    windows error in windows 7

    It is bound to be a permissions issue, are you an administrator? Check that you can open win.ini (opens in notepad)
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    Microsoft Outlook 2003 - Printing Error message

    My guess would be that the email contains huperlinks (urls, email addresses etc) If the default is plain test, these will not print. I do not have OL 2003 loaded, but there should be an option to print in HTML I also assume you are using right-click - pint rather than opening the email...
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    Whats causing that Sound

    A "siren" type sound from your motherboard traansducer (small peizo speaker) is a warning of CPU overtemperature. Not sure by that description if it is what you have got, but gaming really stresses things, so the scenario fits.
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    Solved: Excel 2007 spreadsheet doesn't print as viewed

    If you are printing A4 legal to Letter size, just make sure the spreadsheet knows what actual size paper it is set up for in the printer. The spreadsheet is not a paper size converter, ubless you have shrink to fit set.
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    Previously saved word file disappeared - deadline in one week..

    Rely on your backup. Leaving open files for long periods is inviting disaster. How large is/was the file?
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    kodak easy share

    If they are only thumbnails, they are of little use as the cannot be enlarged to show anything useful. Install the free Picasa 3 (by Google) and let it trawl through all the drives. If the actual images are there it will locate then and tell you where on the disk they are.
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    Office 2010 Outlook Beta Backup

    I have ALWAYS backed up my PST file manually in all versions. It's just a file, make sure Outlook is not rumming (or has not run since last boot) before doing it. The Microsoft utility is a download (not part of the original install) in Outlook 2007. Have you tried for a download for your...
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    Can't access Microsoft's website

    I would be suspicious of a hosts file infection, the page works fine for me in IE8
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    Solved: Excel backwards

    It can be done using a Macro
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    Dvd+r dl

    What software are you using to get access to the dual layer option? It's a fair be Windows XP Media Centre will not do it, but DVD writing software on board should. In native form XP will not even write to a DVD under Windows, Vista will.
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    Burning a dvd from a slideshow made in photoshop elements 5

    Noy sure that PSE has any form of "pack and go" as Power Point does. Your best bet would be to use Power Point, not PSE
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    SD card is not being read! PLEASE HELP!

    Agreed, I have just had to buy another reader, built-in and plug in ones I already had would not read above 1 GB. New reader MUST state SDHC (high capacity)
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    kodak easyshare

    If you still have the pics on the camera card, then buy a USB card reader for your card. Then when you plug it in with card inserted, it will show up as a "removeable drive". Exploring this drive and its folders should tell you if it works. Download Google's Picasa 3 and install it. It...
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    Solved: Browser goes to White Screen when Outlook 2007 is open. Need diagnosis and so

    Look for add-ins in your browser and disable them one by one.
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    Outlook 2003 spam filtering problem

    Are you moving the spam into the inbox first? Assume when you say Outlook you mean Outlook and not Outlook Express? The problem may be at your ISP end, have a look at you webmail inbox.