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    Solved Anyone Seen hewee ?

    hiya guys, lonnnnnnnnnng time since I was last here, had to pop in here and say hang in there Hewee.
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    Hi guys, Been a year or so since my last visit but anyone know anything about this, ( Keeps wanting to open a new page via Chrome, Bitdefender says they are malicious and blocking the page, fair enough. I'm just sick of closing that page down and want not to be bothered by...
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    this fella

    sticks his head in and waves. Been a while. Thanks for the birthday email admin, 56 and eternity ahead of me yet, still a young fella :D
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    Why DID the chicken cross the road?

    missing her flatmate
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    some interesting robotics out there
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    Before and After

    I seen what you did, you took some cheek out of the lady Lined the photos up and clicked between the two to see :D
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    The "Science and Space" Thread #2

    I can see a horse and rider of galactic dimensions in this one :rolleyes:
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    The "Science and Space" Thread #2

    what happens if you travel towards rather than away? and what happens if you take the clock with you? just curious :p
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    Post your pet pictures (#4)

    Yeah Xico, that jokes been around for a while now, good one though. Oh yeah, Sophia is a girls name, male galah have dark eyes, almost black
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    Post your pet pictures (#4)

    my bird
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    Ashley's gotten married and has a lil monkey on the way :)

    Way to go lady :up: :D
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    Close Ups ( of anything )

    close up of my galah's pjs :D
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    Photo Repair Workshop

    okay Noyb, Yvonne, got her saved thanks, made the white transparent, saved it as a PNG then placed her in this photo for some fun Her new husband's gonna get me for this :D (gulp)
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    Your not forgot

    Good photos Pat. Good to see ya again too. heard you moved east. Visited Redcliffe recently myself on a flying visit, drove a van back across to here
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    Post your pet pictures (#4)