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    Zoom for Word

    Thanks for the extra info MrEd - I'm not so tech savvy and have a mental disability - it's good to know that there is a hope.
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    Zoom for Word

    Thanks zebanovich this sounds promising - I'll give it a try.
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    Zoom for Word

    Hi MrEd I am aware of how to change the zoom setting (what you described is what I already know); but as mentioned in my initial request - Does anyone know the secret to locking the new configuration? (in other words-how to prevent Word from playing Big Brother?)
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    Zoom for Word

    Hi all I’m using Word 2013 and occasionally whenever reopening a document, the slider switch (near the time display) adjusts itself. Does anyone know the secret to locking it in at a preferred scale? Thanks in advance.
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    Battery Life

    Hi all Recently I bought myself my own birthday present and updated my old laptop. At one stage the battery in the original laptop lasted close to 7 years until I had to replace it with a completely new battery; every consecutive battery lasted only 3-4 years only. When purchasing the new...
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    Is this normal behaviour?

    Hi all (Don't remember posting this yet) Firstly before posing my question I’d like everyone to know that I have a learning disability and do not know if this behaviour is normal for Word 2013 or if there is a possible fix for it; and I am aware that this is a trivial question but it is really...
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    Word woes

    Hi Dave I should have mentioned that I started this document myself back in the days of Win 3.1 and in the write application (didn't have Word back then).
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    Is this possible in Word?

    Hi all This may be a case of wishful thinking, but is it possible to instruct Word 2013 to select all words which are followed by a dash? EG: follow- Thanks in advance.
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    Word woes

    Hi All Can anyone help solve a minor annoyance I have with MS Word (it rarely happens but eventually gets to be annoying) and this happens at home (Word 2013) and at work (Word 2016). I prefer to have my view display set for one page, but Word sometimes plays silly buggers and opens any given...
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    Why wont online pictures print?

    Whenever I print a entire webpage the text and all pictures get printed, but on rare occasions there are no pictures; could someone possibly explain why this is happening and if there is a way to force the printer to print what is on screen? I realise the only solution is to copy'n'paste each...
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    Is this normal within Word?

    Hi all I have a minor yet annoying glitch with Word which is getting to be frustrating but am unsure whether there is a simple fix to or not; it’s regarding Word 2013 and 2016. I prefer to have the display set at 100% (one flowing page), but on a number of occasions I have a gremlin in my...
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    Has anyone experienced a similar situation?

    Hi all One of my Word was affected by gremlins, all bold/uppercase keywords were transformed to lowercase overnight. Only one document was affected in this way. Has anyone experienced a similar situation? If so how would I return everything back into uppercase? And would you know how to...
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    Calling all Word guru's - What's the trick to this?

    Hi guys/gals I should have mentioned in my initial post that the workplace has a media section who send multiple media clips in a email; how they obtain the scans, and what equipment they use - I have no idea. The workstations here do not have their own scanners. And I played with Words...
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    Calling all Word guru's - What's the trick to this?

    Hi all At work everyday I am required to scan media articles then copy’n’paste anything relevant to my section into a Word 2016 document. Yesterday after pasting a specific article, all the text appeared as square hollow building blocks. Can anyone clarify why this is happening when the...
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    Solved Does my Word 2013 have gremlins?

    Thanks Chawbacon I never knew one could assign their own hot-key/shortcut or how to perform this till a friend showed me with hands-on-experience last night.