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    Struggling with pinnacle Studio 8

    I don't know much about this sort of stuff, say you burned a CD with an .mpeg, and your DVD player wouldn't play it? Do you know if your player supports playing mpeg files? Have you tried burning a VCD? You could look around on this site:, they might be...
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    Longhorn XP

    It's not even a beta yet, still an alpha.
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    program to convert my music discs into mp3 files????

    Even if converting from wma to mp3 is one right click...why would: CD audio>wma>mp3 be easier than: CD Audio>mp3 Or am I missing somthing? I've been told that wma uses lossy compression, so converting twice would lose more sound quality.
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    program to convert my music discs into mp3 files????

    Ripping to .wma and then converting to .mp3 would be more confusing. I'm very happy with CDex. Get version 1.50, the .exe might be the easier than the zip.
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    new video card same graphics :(

    What make/model are your motherboard and CPU? How much memory do you have?
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    (Solved) Microsoft Office & Word

    There should be some box to check or uncheck that will disable that message. (until you disable it something again in msconfig)
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    Setting up a dial up network to test someone else's ISP

    I don't think there'd be any problems, unless both of you are on at the same time...and even then there might not be a problem.
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    Troubles with Windows Media Player

    What version of WMP are you using? And...does the error really say "programX.exe"?
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    Memory Blaster Question

    You'd be alot better off spending that $30 on adding some memory... ;)
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    IE and WMP problems

    Have you tried using System Restore to restore your PC to an earlier state?
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    ?? problems are there w/DSL & wireless

    Well, assuming the wireless that they are talking about is the same sort I'm using...basically a radio tower transmitter, and some sort of a dish mounted on your house don't have to worry about airplanes or birds or anything getting between your dish and the tower. Mine works just...
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    avant browser

    I've been using MyIE2 for a couple weeks, it's very similar to Avantbrowser, works very well so far...
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    digital camera

    I agree, a card reader is extremely handy, plus saves on camera batteries. Well worth the price.
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    Outlook Express/Microsoft Outlook

    ..really? I didn't know that...why would Outlook need OE to run?