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    Uninstalling Kazaa

    I recently uninstalled Kazaa and all its files. Unfortunatly the "connected" button still shows up on the taskbar when i go online. It never shows up on the shutdown menu, and you can't do anything with it. Not sure what to do to get rid of it permanantly. Thanks!
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    What is a normal % for resources free w/ only explorer running? <M>

    mine said 81% is that good or bad?;)
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    IM BACK!! D/L'ed windows xp update but...<M>

    I downloaded the latest critical updates from (everyone's favorite company) microsoft's page. When I (attempted) to restart my PC, "Windows could not start b/c the following file is missing/corrupted" \WINNT\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM My XP Pro startup CD does nothing (CD-ROM issue maybe... it's a...
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    i tried the cntrl key at startup when it was doing its normal checking thing...and it said keyboard error press f1 to resume. then it went to the boot page ive been getting. heres what it says: AMIBIOS system configuration then there is a chart that says stuff like main processor: pentium...
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    i have a quantex computer and i had to reinstall windows b/c i was having problems. i accidently used an emergency boot disk from my gateway computer. windows was working before but now that i put that disk in, all it does is the dos program. it asks to put the boot disk in drive a:/ and press...