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  • Hi Lance

    Until I hear from you, I still do not know whether or not to download the link you gave me as it said it might harm my computer. I asked you to download it and see if you got the same response and am waiting to hear further from you.

    Hi lance this is akairi97. Im having an issue with my updates. My computer shut itself off twice already for no reason and right when it was shut down something pulled up and I think it said American micro trends or something like that. it gave me an option to press F1 or F2 but I didnt because I dont know what that was.

    And now im getting an error saying Windows cannot search for updates. Windows encountered an unknown error.
    Hi, this is akairi97, but you can call me Akairi. I apologize for responding late. My Mozilla firefox is on safe mode but its still running slow . It doesn't do it all of the time but it does, mainly at night. This computer is fairly new, and Im trying my best to not get it messed up like my old one.
    Hi lance,I had the blue screen issue.Could you check the forum,and get back to me? Thank you,Robert C.
    I just want to publicly thank you for all your help and incredibly fast replies to all my questions.
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