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Oct 23, 2013
Dec 3, 2007
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Leah of FarAway

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Oct 23, 2013
    1. Speakersrock
      Oh righttt!, that makes good sense:) Shame about the wholw relaxing thing, but same here, pretty much to the day! .....what date is your birthday (so I can remember) :D
    2. Speakersrock
      about -2hours 15mins now lol :D:D

      Aww, only 15 days eh!? - does that enclude ther final exams or what?
      My first exam next wednesday though :(
    3. Speakersrock
      Aww, thnaks for asking! :)
      It was aweful as predicted, and I was in foul mood after it! :(

      Your Day going okay?
    4. franca
      Thank you princess..:) ......Of all the smiles you received today, there was a smile you didn't see. A smile not from the lips, but straight from the heart - a smile that came from me.;)
    5. Blackmirror
      Good morning
    6. Athan
      Hello Leah :)
    7. Farmgirl22
      Hello! I really should be doing something productive, like housecleaning, but I wanted to stop by and chat a bit first! :o :)
    8. Speakersrock
      lol!!...dw about it....Almost every weekday I am deprressed for the last 13 years lol.

      lol...but I , I prefer being moddest, and a bage I got made for me, says so!
      Also, i don;t think I can bring my self to be polite to the people I HATE!!!!

      Sorry, I keep talking about myself, im sorry.
      Anyhing interesting going on at school?

      LOl @ jumping around the forum!...don't get too frisky there! :D:p
    9. Speakersrock
      Well, It is 'are' depressed now! :D
      Thnaks for the hugs

      Oh, well its only the fact of having to go up infrount of everyone....and twice I've heard (somones requested that I get a award for smiling so much! :(:( *shoots self*(!!)

      well, if you would like, would be nice to exchange emails...so we can chat more freely :D

      oh, Im really sorry to hear you are stressed :(:(.....but then again who isn't wehn they are a studernt in finals at this time of year!
      And yeah, I simple things allways take 10x longer when you have a lot to do! :confused:
    10. valley
      Hi back! Its a big change, thats for sure! :eek: I think we will all grow to love it though! :)
    11. Speakersrock
      Its good(ish) right atm, I'll be depressed again tomorrow though :/

      Im enjoying the nice long weekend, and the fact that I have 4 days left of compulsory education!
      Gonna be re-deprresed though because revision and final exams start then!...I still Haven't a clue what I'm gonna do after September thats stressing me out, There is a record of achievement evening for me, and the rest of my year tomorrow night, which I really, REALLY don't wanna go to, and more! *takes breath*

      Hows it ging for you? Things looking any better? *hugs*
    12. TheSlayerM
      Siiiiiis! Evo samo ti da ti pošaljem jednu pusu :D
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