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    Can't Enter Network Key on Dell!

    Try plugging in an external mouse and clicking in the box for data entry, or with the trackpad or screen. Sometimes the cursor pops up but doesnt begin data entry until you press the area you want to type into
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    Not able to Snapchat Login in my Android Device

    Hi, im not sure what exactly the problem is, but the simplest way to figure out where the source of problem is to try logging off from snapchat on the old device, provided you still have it. If not, try ad log in from a different device, maybe a tablet/other phone or an android emulator. If it...
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    How to make words change to another word in whatsapp?

    You would need to go into their phone settings itself, keyboard, then auto correct / dictionary depending on the phone. There you can manually set different words or phrases to replace others when he types them. Make sure the autocorrect stays on , and that you arent going to be ruining his life...
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    Toshiba laptop screen wont turn on, led's working

    Nothing shows up, so no output what so ever in the main screen or external. If it is a hardware fault, do you think i could get it fixed? I know most laptops have internal pieces that dont really get replaced all that easily so im prepared for the possibility that i would need to get a new...
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    Toshiba laptop screen wont turn on, led's working

    Hi, im a realtive novice when it comes to conputers, i usually just use my laptop to run a few client games and some steam applications, nothing heavy. After attempting to alt tab out of a full screen application, my laptop seemingly crashed. After rebooting the laptop the led power indicator...