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Jul 3, 2017
May 5, 2002
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Male, 53, from bristol, england

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Jul 3, 2017
    1. techniphobe
      Just found Mark Blaker on Facebook. He's up to all sorts including DJ on local radio station -
      Not been on site for ages so I am really sorry about delay in getting back to you. If you search Iain Hamilton on facebook I'm the one in the black with the weird tie. Catch up soon
    2. lighthouse
      Wow! Hi - and you have no Idea how good it is to hear from you. Y'know, there were many times in those intervening Years when I remembered those halscyon days of our early excursions into Journalism. D'you have any contact with any of the others (Andy, Mark, Sian etc). I saw a few of them for a couple of Years after, then that was it. Mark Blaker had become a Dad by then while Andy K got quite active in the Union. Alison is now with the C.O.I - so now she's sending the Stuff Journalists now write/make Programmes about.

      Yeah, by all means get subscribed and the PM Stuff working.

      Look forward to hearing from you


    3. techniphobe
      Hello stranger. Mention Normalspeak in a post and you stir up ghosts from your past. Iain here. Am unable to send PMs yet - only just signed up when I saw your post so I could contact you. PM me back please and we can open a converstaion :)

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