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    Dual Boot to Single Boot

    Rather than trying to delete the partition and, as I usually do, create more work for myself, I decided to take the opportunity to upgrade the old disk drive to an SSD and installed Linux Mint 20. I was on 19.3, but a fresh install of 20 seemed like the way to go. Only thing I didn't realize is...
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    Dual Boot to Single Boot

    Howdy: I installed Linux Mint on an older laptop about 18 months ago. I installed it in a dual boot mode with the original Win 7 O/S. I've been using the system as a media server. After 18 months, I see no reason to keep the Win 7 partition anymore. I haven't booted up Windows in over a year...
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    Is There any Good Reason to Update to 20.04?

    19.09 is still getting security and even some feature updates for at least 18 more months. Judging by the lack of responses I have gotten, it seems to me that there is no good substantial reason to install 20.04. I'll just wait for the fall release.
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    Need help on getting new PC

    You leave a lot of unanswered questions in your post. What are you looking for, laptop or desktop? You mention 4 USB ports and that's almost impossible to find in a laptop, unless you don't mind an external USB hub or a dock. You also mention Apple devices, how invested are you in the Apple...
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    Is There any Good Reason to Update to 20.04?

    I'm currently running Win 10 19.09 release. For about 3 months after its release, I kept seeing the message 'A new version of Windows 10 is coming. Unfortunately it is not ready for your computer yet. We'll let you know...' in settings/update & security. I saw it so often I quit looking. Then...
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    Web Site Not Loading

    Have you checked the HOSTS file? windows/system32/drivers/etc/HOSTS This file is used to redirect url's. Typically it is used to block sites by redirecting to
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    Linux on ASUS T102HA

    Does anybody have experience installing Linux on the ASUS T102HA? I would like to replace Win10 Home on this Intel Atom powered little PC. I have been toying with the idea of installing Lubuntu or Ubuntu-Mate on this under-powered machine. If anyone has tried, successful or not, I would...
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    Cannot print to network printer

    Have you tried adding the printer again? Just go to devices and printers/add a printer/network printer, and see if Windows finds your printer. If it does add the printer, and set the new addition as the default printer. If that works, you can delete the old printer.
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    Windows 10 Tablet Mode is a Cruel Practical Joke

    I like Windows. I've used Windows since 3.1. (I also worked for a company that adopted IBM OS/2... those old IBM salesmen could sell anything!). I staunchly defend Microsoft and Windows in tech discussions with Apple Fanboys and Linux nerds. I never wavered, even through Windows M/E, and Vista...
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    Win10 Technical Preview 10061 - It's Over for me!

    As a retired IT manager with time on my hands, I decided to give the Windows Technical Preview a try last year. I had installed the Win7 preview a few years ago, and was impressed enough that I broke the cardinal rule of MS based IT shops "NEVER Install a dot zero release!" and actually...
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    How do you Like Firefox 29?

    Well, that's life. Everything is a trade-off. When I look at it objectively, I can see that the changes to Firefox in 29 would make it easier for people who don't know about, or were afraid to install extensions. It is possible to modify the menu now without installing the 'Personal Menu'...
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    Alternative browser -Slimboat?

    Thanks for the reply. I thought it probably was, it doesn't seem to make sense to use the trident version, but I had to ask to be sure. There doesn't seem to be much information about Slimbrowser available. At least very few objective, in depth reviews. I may give it a try. Thanks again.
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    Alternative browser -Slimboat?

    Just curious, are you using the webkit or trident based version?
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    How do you Like Firefox 29?

    And a time to reflect 1 week later. It has been a week since I upgraded my Firefox to release 29. I am a portable App user, and the platform told me there was an update available for Firefox. Like a fool, I chose to update, without bothering to check on the changes. Well, live...
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    How do you Like Firefox 29?

    First, I agree with you Phantom010, if I wanted a browser that looked like Chrome, I would just use Chrome (or in my case Iron). I've used Firefox since pre-V1, and over the years have adopted a number of extensions to make it look and work the way I liked it. This release easily broke half of...