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    Windows XP keeps restarting

    Hi Does your machine not even restart in safe mode? Do you see any flash of blue screen before the machine restarts ?
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    Xp service pack 2. Is it worth it?

    Running for over a month here - works great. The notable feature has to be pop up blocker. I never used any off the market since they are unreliable and invasive, but SP2 pop up blocker is awesome!
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    XP appearence setting help please!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Boot into safe mode and try removing and reinstalling your graphics. You should have had a Recovery disk and a driver disk with the machine; it's the driver disk you will need. Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Display Adaptors (remove, refresh and reinstall >
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    XP activation confusion

    The whole point to activation introduced by Microsoft was so that it's product could not be activated on a different machine - preventing copying. If your laptop still functions, then your already using that CD's licence. :(
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    very slow boot

    Three or more possible things: You're low on RAM You're Hard Drive is badly fragmented You have too many things starting up All the above Download a program called Ad-Aware from here: Reboot Then...
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    Upgrade Problem!!! Immediate assiatance required!

    whats your system specs and are you selecting upgrade or fresh install ?
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    Are XP Home Upgrade and OEM product Keys Interchangable?

    Although I wouldnt like to firmly say as such that your work relied on it, I can honestly say this.. We had to remaster a system and they didnt have the disks (lost), but since it was our techy guys fault we tried this and it worked. A Median machines recovery disk was used to install XP...
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    Screen keeps blinking

    I had a similar problem ages ago. Turned out that my settings were too high for my graphics card or monitor to handle. Until you find the drivers.. Try right clicking on desktop > properties > settings > advance > monitor and reduce the refresh rate Hz. If it continues, try knocking down your...
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    arranging by type

    Right click in any explorer window with your folders showing and select, sort by type. :)
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    Installing fonts

    Have you tried right clicking and select save as? If you cannot use that option, see if you can find an alternative at
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    640x480 and 16 colors

    You have to install the drivers for your graphics. If your using onboard graphics then the driver should be on your motherboard CD. If it's a seperate graphics card, then you will have got a CD with it. If you cant find the CD, you'll need to find the make and download the drivers from the...
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    Installing fonts

    From what I remember, if you download the font to your desktop, then open the windows fonts folder, click on file you should have the option to install a font. Was a long time ago... but....
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    Are XP Home Upgrade and OEM product Keys Interchangable?

    I think i'm reading this right, but not too sure.. If your wanting to use a master copy of XP for any computer and use the key they already have (sticker on case etc) then yes, this is not a problem. You can use any XP copy (of the same edition; Home, Pro etc) providing they have an...
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    very slow boot to post

    One final thing i can think of, then hopefully someone more experienced might be able to help... Try entering your BIOS and load the default values - just on the odd chance something has been changed. Everything else I cant see you having a problem with. Maybe memory but then Windows would...
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    very slow boot to post

    This wont be the problem as the machine has a post problem - meaning it doesn't even start Windows untill after.