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May 21, 2012
Sep 12, 2003
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from -71.45091, 42.27841

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May 21, 2012
    1. 1956brother
      where have you been?:)
    2. bp936
      I do read your links and technical news stories often. But I just read under the Suggestions thread, about improving TSG.
      You so often refer to interesting stuff, but often the title of the reference is Chinese to me, maybe you could make a short comment, what the article = specialized words in it =
      What is photonics? quantum dot?
      If I don't understand the title, I don't click on the link, therefore I might be missing something interesting, but one has only so much time to read up.
      Hope you don't get mad about my suggestion,
      greetings from Canada
    3. lotuseclat79
      Hi ada101,

      The coordinates describing my location are given as (longitude, latitude) which is west of GM, and north of equator which, at least in my view, is the appropriate way to express coordinates, i.e. east or west of Grenwich Meridian first followed by north or south of the Equator.

      -- Tom :)

      P.S. Can you find me now?
    4. ada101
      i looked up your location on google maps(-71.45091, 42.27841), and google maps says that it is in antarctica
    5. skyfox
      thank you for explaining to me how to use the forum correctly. I will go do that now. have a nice day.
    6. skyfox
      hello. The post I wanted to respond to with a question is closed and you were the last person to provide advice and I see you're on-line now. Info: win 7 pro, hplaserjet 3015. Qu: If I seem to have a working print driver now (hp laserjet 3015 PCL 5), is it better to just leave the problematic HP Universal Printing PCL 6 driver installed as well or to try to remove it. I've heard HP drivers can be funky about removal, so not sure what to do. Thanks.
    7. Josecito
      Others have posted just two days ago and are being helped. I have a thread that is one week old and no help. Can you tell me why? I just need to know why because it doesn't feel good when yoou come to a site saying they will help and you just get no help.
    8. Josecito
      Others have posted just two days ago and are being helped. I have a thread that is one week old and no help. Can you tell me why?
    9. Vyomgrisham
      The article about IPv4 addresses reaching exhaustion made good reading.
    10. decz
      I've been browsing these forums for a while and finally signed up a bit ago but one thing is for sure you always post great articles. I make this one of the first sites I visit daily to read up on your latest article.

      Thanks for all the insight!
    11. jakey8
      Thanks for the reply :)
    12. wiseword
      Thank you for your response. Going to Report takes me to something that says I can only complain, not ask a technical question. I'm still coping with miserable Juno, which seems obsessed with Guam. I know I need a new computer, but I think Juno is a problem on its own. I hate to switch to another ISP because apparently I'll have to keep the two running concurrently until everybody switches over--which could take years--and I'll lose my e-mail address. I feel as though I'm driving a Model T in a Rolls Royce world.
    13. briealeida
      If anyone is my friend here, it's you! :-)!
    14. wiseword
      Thank you for your reply. You told me to click on the Report link at the bottom of my post. I can't find any Report link anywhere. Tech Guy is a great idea but trying to use it seems to be adding to my problems. And Juno is really going crazy, taking half an hour to get messages, then freezing. Is there a solution anywhere?
    15. perfume
      Dear lotuseclat79,
      Me thinks that he has earned enough points and courage to ask you to be my friend! The"points" are i have installed fedora 11 Gnome on my new Toshba l 300 satallite notebook and am absolutely comfortable with it and feel that i should have done this much earlier! My friend has fedora 11 and he could /is a guide in learning the command line inter phase. I am still keeping the XP Pro on my desktop but that too "will" go!
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