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    My external Hard drive no longer powers on

    I bought an Iomega Prestige 500 GB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive 34270 back in December 28, 2009. Worked fine all the way to this year. Last couple of weeks -- started to no longer be recognized by my Windows. Now the thing doesn't even power on. When I turn on the power switch -- No...
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    The font size of my e-mail shrinks

    Just found out from him that he is using Outlook 2007. He is also on a PC. The link you sent me (under the 2007 tab) talks about changing the "row" font. Is that what I need him to change? Because the top of the article describes changing the column size and the size of the subject header --...
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    The font size of my e-mail shrinks

    The font size of my e-mail shrinks upon being opened by a certain recipient. I'm using a Yahoo! e-mail account. I'm on a PC. The recipient is using MS Outlook. I have Yahoo! keep copies of all e-mails I send inside a "Sent" folder; and when I check what I have sent him, the font size...
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    Computer Periodically Shuts Off on its Own

    The 650W PSU I have is this one: PSU CM|RS-650-ACAA-A1 650W RT I also have more data to report. For the first time I've noticed in Speccy the temp of my graphics card gradually increasing all the way up to 79 degrees celcius. All of the other temps were fine. So now I'm wondering if my...
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    Computer Periodically Shuts Off on its Own

    My computer is still shutting itself off periodically. I can't predict when it will happen next, sometimes the shutdown happens in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon, sometimes at night. Sometimes it has happened in fairly cool outside temperatures (it has happened with the AC on in my...
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    Computer Periodically Shuts Off on its Own

    I just cut and pasted from that Speccy screen. Doesn't look like any of these temps are in red, they are in yellow My computer has been up all morning-- hasn't shut down. As the saying goes, "A watched pot never boils." I'll keep monitoring it to see if the temps change-- for example...
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    Computer Periodically Shuts Off on its Own

    Is there a simple way for me to check the temp of the processor when it is running? I'm not sure I know how to do that.
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    Computer Periodically Shuts Off on its Own

    I will be doing something in an app or playing a game and the machine will just shut off. I thought that maybe there was too much dust in the fans/heatsink area, so I took the machine in to a computer shop and had the guy remove the processor fan and the heatsink and clear out all the dust. He...
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    Is there a good version of Final Fantasy VII for PC?

    I hear that Final Fantasy VII is one of the greatest RPGs of all time. I never played it when it was out on the consoles. There was a remake of it for the PC available on Steam, but pretty much everybody gave it a thumbs down because it was such a bad port. Apparently they replaced some of...
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    PC shuts off while playing a game

    Just wondering if anyone has any ideas why... sometimes when playing a PC game, my PC on occasion shuts itself off. Like someone just turned off the power, no LED power light, nothing. It has happened when I was playing "Submerged" and also when I was playing "Dungeon Defenders Eternity" Any...
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    Can I connect my old HD to a new mobo without any hitches?

    So my computer -- which was once one of the best gaming pc's of its day back in 2007 (someone else built it for me though) -- it's now ancient. It just can't run modern day PC games. My CPU is too slow. My graphics card is too weak. I can't upgrade the memory anymore from 8GB DDR2. That's...
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    How can I remove shortcut arrows appearing on desktop icons?

    I would like to remove the shortcut arrows overlaying my desktop icons. Related to that -- I would also like to remove those UAC shield overlays from appearing on the same icons -- but without actually disabling UAC. What would be the best way to go about this? I have tried 3rd party...
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    Sound Issues with Windows 10

    Yes, I bought that sound card at approximately the same time I bought the motherboard, it's very old. So old I don't even see it listed on the support page for Creative anymore... I probably purchased it because -- whatever integrated/onboard sound support that motherboard came with, the...
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    Sound Issues with Windows 10

    I'm another person also having some sound issues with Windows 10. I have an old "Creative X-Fi SB" sound card. My issue is this: Every time I restart Windows 10, the sound doesn't work. I discovered that most of the time I just need to right-click the volume icon in the system tray and...
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    Win7 is "Checking for Updates..." forever.

    Just wanted to post an update. I switched to Ethernet cable, and suddenly it all worked. Thx Flavallee (again) and others for helping me with my computer problems