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    Before and After

    I enjoy working on girls photos too.
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    I assume American help is on it's way. I hope so.
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    I wish the midnight Lucky would stop screwing with my computer.

    Well I did it again. I was bored. I was playing around, trying to download the EICAR virus test file. Even though I disabled NOD32, when I tried to download the file, NOD32 would jump up and delete it. I guess you cannot really disable NOD32. So rather than download the file, I copied the...
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    Cool Stuff on YouTube

    Time lapse of a Yurt Build
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    Cool Stuff on YouTube

    Setting Up A Tipi
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    Happy Birthday Wino

    Happy birthday Wino. Hope you can hang on for many more.:)
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    Movie Quotes or Scenes relevant to you.

    Paint Your Wagon
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    Post your favorite movie that no one knows about

    I wouldn't necessarily call it a favorite, but I thoroughly enjoyed Maggie Smith in "Keeping Mum".
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    PC Troubleshooting survey

    If I have to give my name to participate, then I am suspicious of your motives. No thanks.
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    Cool Stuff on YouTube

    Automatic Shotgun I want one!:)
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    Who Doesn't enjoy Christmas?

    Anything you can get at a store, you can probably buy it online at Amazon and probably for less money. No lines. Cabelas likes me. They have good stuff like good quality clothing at reasonable prices as well as anything else an outdoor sportsman would want. Fast shippers too and no questions...
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    Raw foods and Juicing

    I wonder if some veggies are more likely than others to retain salmonella or e coli even after washing? I wouldn't think twice about picking up an apple, shining it on my shirt and eating it. In a restaurant you never know how veggies served raw in salads are treated by the preparers. Salads...
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    Raw foods and Juicing

    A couple of things crossed my mind Hewee. If you are consuming juice made from raw fruits and vegetables on a regular basis without pasteurizing, then aren't you in danger of infecting yourself with whatever food born pathogens may get into the veggies? Every year there are stories about...
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    Cool Stuff on YouTube

    I bet the kid doesn't have a father in his life.
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    Raw foods and Juicing

    What, do you want to live forever?:) Looks like you've been a busy man researching health foods. How about exercise? I have heard that walking every day can do wonders for you, gradually increasing the distance.