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  • Thanks for your help. I have checked my C: drive and all appears to be OK!. I have looked for restore system files from an earlier date and there are none. I am at a loss to know now where to go. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. DO
    No code number. Message was something like "UI not in operation" or "is not connected" something like that, don't remember the exact words. What do you recommend I do to get it to install Avast? Thanks
    Thank you for your reply. I was SO stressed with all the popups thinking I had to purchase an expensive Security Suite, buy Windows 7, or a newer, used computer. What a welcome relief!
    Hello lunarlander...thanks for your response: i am using avg free 9.0.707.
    do you think that avg is misreading ms signatures?

    Not currently, but I used to. Professional programmer currently doing application programming, formerly network administrator/security officer.
    I continue to receive spam request to be added to my IM messenger and have indicated to ignore any messages by anyone who is not on my list. How do I get these im requests to stop! thanks
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