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    My pc wont turn on

    Does any lights lit up? Does it give any beep noise? Do you mean the screen just stays black ? Or were you able to get to the logo screen?
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    User Dedktop

    If you still have an admin account, you can create a new profile and copy all the old profile's documents and picutres to the new account.
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    Slow Laptop

    In the Task Manager > Processes tab, you should be able to see each process and how much disk they are using each. You can click on the column header (disk) to sort process usage from highest to lowest.
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    SSD not in ASUS boot menu

    You may have to use Legacy mode to reach a SSD. Depends if you formatted that SSD in Legacy mode. ( Legacy = not UEFI )
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    Attacks on my computers

    The thing I must say is that you may be running the same software on all computers that were hacked. A favorite thing hackers do is infect one key piece of software that he knows you will continue to use on every computer so that you re-infect yourself every time. Secondly, could you go to...
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    I feel sketched out

    You can download the MS Media Creation Tool yourself and generate a new Windows setup DVD or USB memory stick. And then boot that to re-install Windows.
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    Windows 10 Password

    We are not allowed to help circumvent security on this forum. The only thing we can tell you is that you can re-install Windows.
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    Black screen on startup all in one touchscreen pc

    The PC's monitor did not survive the trip. Things that stay connected at a stationary spot for a long time tends not to like it when moved. If that PC is not a laptop, then check the cable.
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    Computer camera keeps crashing

    Maybe there is another app/plugin hoarding the camera for itself?
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    Solved Iphone xr wifi password not accepted

    Worth a shot. See if the channel you use with BT is usable in the UK
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    SMTP for a Gmail based company

    I think it is best to use Gmail's web access.
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    PC Doesnt save files permanently

    Go to Windows Defender > Virus and Threat Protection > Ransomware Protection. It is turned on ? If so your application is not permitted to save there. I think you can add exceptions.
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    Solved Cursor Freezes and jumps on the latest update

    Run our PC inventory app, copy and paste the output to your next message:
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    Characters scrolling in password/pin# box on locked screen

    So when you type in the letter R, it becomes "RRRRRRRRRRR". is that correct ? It is just that I have never heard someone describing the text in a textbox as 'scrolling'. I've been helping people on this forum for 10 years.
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    Solved Cursor Freezes and jumps on the latest update

    Try disabling your browser plug-ins one by one. Even though you say it happens also in explorer, the browser is still active in a background window, (say you switched apps and make another one in front )