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    mouse freeze, voip dead, trojan? HJT help!!

    i borrowed an old ps2 wheel mouse. it's been working and not cutting out so far. but it's really laggy. can't play games with it for sure...unless it corrects for my bad aim. there's still things not working. a lot of programs don't work anymore..even with reinstalling. (uninstalling...
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    Which Video Card?

    the fan on my 6800GT melted off, but for some reason i'm able to get better detail playing bf2 lol go figure.
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    How exactly do you partition a harddrive?

    i'd like to partition as well, and maybe have a ghost image. but anyhow, when I right click on the unallocated space (the diagonal lined area below the blue line of primary partition?) i don't have a "new partition" option, some options aren't "on" but that ones not one of them either. Am i...
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    mouse freeze, voip dead, trojan? HJT help!!

    well the broadband phone is working now. =) but the mouse still has problems freezing but not as bad as before. weird it doesn't work at all with the ps2 adaptor in the ps2 slot . can't find mouse in any of the add new hardware scenarios. bleh! it can't find the mouse either. plug...
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    Help!! Virus disable my mouse

    i'm awaiting a fix for I have a mouse problem too. I have to unplug and plug back in the usb mouse to keep it working. if I have the adaptor for the normal mouse port it won't work at all. so i've been using the kb for almost a week now. (help me techsupportguys! hehe) use the TAB...
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    Site reports my pc sending personal info out to them/ Scam?

    was it something like this that you saw? There's the website link. You only see your own. However, like most users, there's probably things that could be removed from your computer and things to update and/or repair. I'm waiting for help here too.
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    mouse freeze, voip dead, trojan? HJT help!!

    Heres one with the Phone modem connected in line (disconnected it again so i can use the internet) The mouse... I still have to unplug and plug it back in to click post. My gf would really like this phone to work again. heh Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1 Scan saved at 2:17:54 AM, on...
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    mouse freeze, voip dead, trojan? HJT help!!

    my latest pandascan results I have no idea where to find these in the registry: please please help! still can't use the phone Incident Status Location...
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    mouse freeze, voip dead, trojan? HJT help!!

    turned on all startups and did a panda scan and it caught 2 viruses that were disinfected, and other things listed that weren't. I deleted the easy ones like cookies, but don't know how to find the registry stuff... and i don't wanna fool around with regedit without supervision. here's my...
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    mouse freeze, voip dead, trojan? HJT help!!

    hi thanks for your reply, -yes the device manager shows the yellow exclamation mark "This device cannot start Code 10, Click troubleshoot" (but the troubleshoot button is ghosted and I can't tab to it) -reinstalling intellimouse optical software didn't help (why does the mouse and kb...
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    mouse freeze, voip dead, trojan? HJT help!!

    I tried some more stuff to no avail.... phone still doesn't work and I still have to keep unplugging and plugging the USB to keep it working.... help please!!!!! Hi, -mouse keeps freezing. unplug and plug back in (usb optical) for it to work for a few moments. (couldn't tab to start a new...
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    internet lag

    Hi, I've read lot's of similar complaints, especially with gamers, and they're often being told to look at their vid card or graphics settings etc. I play bf2 and have had no problem with lag until recently. I look for the low ping servers (under 100). In game I get large spikes that I...
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    computer slow down

    I downloaded task terminator and went to: to find out what all them mumbojumbo programs were. Also How many programs do you have on the taskbar. My sis was wondering why my 200mhz 64mbRAM comp seemed a lot faster than her gigabox...