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    Internet Explorer address window

    I found out the hard way what was wrong with my missing address bar. I had multiple spyware items and a virus. It was also eating up my Photoshop. When a friend cleaned everythng out, the address bar and Photoshop returned. I now have Spysweeper and Norton Automatic Updates running...
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    Spyware messing up Internet Explorer?

    Yesterday I wrote about not being able to access my address bar in IE. I made sure it was checked in the View dropdown. It was. I installed Spysweeper and downloaded Spybot. I ran both. They picked up 65 spyware items and deleted them. I then ran AdAware and Norton Antivirus. The problem...
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    Internet Explorer address window

    I am running Windows XP and when I went into Explorer to log into a website, the http. window was gone. There is no way to access a website. The search windows are still there for Google and Yahoo but now I have an icon on the taskbar that says "Activate IE plugin Desktop Toolbar". What the...
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    Turning off computer-ending program

    Every time I shut down the computer, I get a window saying "Ending Program hpcmpmgr.exe". I can wait until it finishes (about 10 seconds) or end it immediately. I have no idea what this is or how to get rid of it. It just started happening about a week ago. I am operating Windows XP Home. I...
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    Cannot enable Norton Auto protect

    My auto protect is off and there is an error message in E-mail scanning. I tried to connect to the Automated Tech Support but it says "This page cannot be displayed". Someone HELP !!! :confused: