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    No display on monitor or power to keyboard/mouse

    If the GPU has a short it could be dragging the power supply down causing low voltage. Or the power supply can't handle the load of the GPU! Cyber power is known to put cheap power supplies in to cut costs
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    My Computer Shuts Down at Random

    The only problem is when it goes south it may take your motherboard with it!
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    SSD upgrade

    You can't run windows from an external USB drive, it has to be inside. Some external drives can be taken out of their case a hooked up inside if it a SATA type. You can get an internal 500GB drive for around $50. I looked at those drives on eBay and for those prices they are probably fake, They...
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    BSOD on laptop (Windows 10)

    I been working with computers since I got my first one in 1998 and learned through the school of "hard Knocks", I still learn something new every day!
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    Sound won't work

    Sounds like you lost your sound driver, " you need to post ALL of your exact system specs; ie exact motherboard, exact processor, exact pw supply, etc, etc. Do not post "500W pw supply" Post the exact brand and model# Do that for ALL of your parts"
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    Random BSOD Issues (Windows 10)

    Bad or incompatible memory can cause BSOD's also. You can create a boot-able USB with the free version of Memtest86 on it here
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    USB A to USB C

    If you try to charge a laptop through a USB-A port it would burn it up!!!😱
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    BSOD on laptop (Windows 10)

    Cheaper one here, Your hard drive is an M2 type, you need a M2 enclosure To USB to get the files off of it!
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    PC not displaying

    Have you tried just one GPU in each socket? A lot of the newer GPUs fans will spin for a little bit during boot but stay off until the GPU gets up to about 60C and will start ramping up if it gets hotter. Does your monitor show anything? "no signal, no video on the screen?
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    Installing fans

    According to someone on reditt, the motherboard is supposed to be a Asus Prime B450M-K, open it up and see what it says. If so the info is here It seems to only have two fan headers one for the...
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    Newish GPU not displaying a signal

    Try only using the HDMI, you may be confusing your monitor with both hooked up! Some monitors you may have to manually switch to the right input type. I had a video card I pulled out of my spare computer that I used to trouble shoot a friends and when I put it back it had no video. Finally found...
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    USB 3.0 ports failing

    I see that now, don't know what it was before but mine is 99% also, usually don't dive that deep, just have sleep and hibernate turned off on my desk tops.
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    Question about APC ES-750 UPS

    I have a type C on my motorola phone, doesn't matter which way you plug it in! 😁Glad yo have new UPS coming. I bought my batteries from a place on Ebay ($24) but have bought from them before and they are legit. You do have to be careful who you buy the gel batteries from and make sure they are a...
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    Upgrading GPU and I have a hang boot

    A lot of the old dell boards limited the power draw on the GPU socket to 45 watts, if it draws more than that even with 2 8-pin external power connectors , you out of luck! Here is a link for info on the xps 8300
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    PC Case Grounded after Installing Graphics Card

    They make a 2 prong to 3 prong adapter but it assumes the screw on the outlet cover is grounded which is not always the case. Is your ground broke off your extension cord plug? if so you could be pluging it in wrong putting 110 volts on your case, very dangerous!!