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    1. Paul23
    2. Lanctus
      Corrected the redundancy.
    3. kirumba
      how do you do macboatmaster i have a problem with my laptop its very slow especially when am surfing ,i changed my os just the other day to check whether the problem will end but
      still am having the problem .when i boot my laptop it starts very fast without any ram is 4 gb and hdd 500gb my processor speed is 2.5 and ist a core i5 hp eliteboook what could be the problem please help
    4. patmac
      Not sure if this is the same as Private Messages....but...someone not involved in my thread; Backup Basics, replied and that was the last anyone other than myself replied. Did I say something inappropriate? Please continue to help. Thank you.
    5. lsak
      Hello again Macboatmaster!
      I had a problem with Windows Update so I went into a thread and you were there to help me out once again!
      You're awesome man thanks alot for what you do :)
    6. thesnapman44
      Hi. Hope your well.

      I do not know if this is allowed, or i should start a new thread, but i just need your opinion on a subject.

      Would you recommend either one of these software programs or both?

      Have a great day.

    7. ChayseLowe
      Hey there!

      Yes, I did end up fixing it!

      It was an issue with the encryption keys.

      Thank you so much for helping me, means a lot!
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