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  • Hello Macboatmaster ... I hope that this message finds you healthy and happy ! .... I have posted on the " Hardware " forum regarding an issue with my multi function Lexmark machine .... your input will be most appreciated !. Have a great day.
    Hello Macboatmaster.... laptop is running so well !, like a new machine. When I had " SuperSpyware " installed I would run a " clean up " to remove Adware .... how is that done with Windows security ? Thank you .
    I wonder if I might ask you to take a look at my posting in the Windows 7 forum. I think you could access by just clicking on my (MI) icon. There is a fellow trying to help but I don't seem to be getting anywhere, and maybe I'm "whipping a dead horse", but I hate to just give up for there are some things I would love to access and save, (loading them on a 'working' pc.
    Clicking F11 does not help. I need to get to tools. I think it is a plug in. Also my dad is 78and he is in Australia I'm in NZ so all done over phone. And he has a clicking problem. But thankyou so much
    Windows Updates do not Complete Thread

    As it is two weeks since we came to the end of this topic, all the various problems that were part of that have now been fully and satisfactorily resolved.

    I have not yet done anything regarding a deletion of “Rogue Killer”, as to date there does not seem to be any response from your colleague JSntgRvr.

    So thanks once again for all your assistance. With best regards.
    Hoping you have received my last note. Please resend your last mail re changing back to Windows 10 forum. Available all day today. Will explain then!
    Wales, indeed. Now there's a classy place to be. Me? I'm in NorCal Crazyland. We'll snap out of it in a few yrs with any luck, or I'll be forced to move to Canada or the UK.

    This forum my go-to place for the straight skinny on all things tech.
    Good Morning: I found the answer to my posting about the differential backup. If you are interested, you will find it in the existing discussion. Thanks for your input.
    Forgot to add the info you requested. Here is the information you asked for Service tag is 3QQ9R72 My computer is a Dell Inspiron 5559, Desktop D55B72R.
    He s a professional. He said there was quite a bit of adware causing my laptop to run inefficiently. Also some major flaw with the manufacturers of microprocessor and the fix they are applying is causing the slowing down of the computers.
    how do you do macboatmaster i have a problem with my laptop its very slow especially when am surfing ,i changed my os just the other day to check whether the problem will end but
    still am having the problem .when i boot my laptop it starts very fast without any ram is 4 gb and hdd 500gb my processor speed is 2.5 and ist a core i5 hp eliteboook what could be the problem please help
    Not sure if this is the same as Private Messages....but...someone not involved in my thread; Backup Basics, replied and that was the last anyone other than myself replied. Did I say something inappropriate? Please continue to help. Thank you.
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