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    Hello Forums

    Hey Ian, nice to meet you :)
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    Hi all !

    Hi Raymond, nice to meet you :)
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    Hello Everyone

    Hi Phpdevelopment, nice to meet you :)
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    Girl geek wants to learn more

    Hello Jo, nice to meet you :)
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    The American Music Festival 2010

    Great! Good luck :)
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    Greetings to all!

    Hi Adremidis, nice to meet you :)
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    Samsung Micro Sd card

    I just bought a cheap micro SD adapter and it works like a normal memory card with my micro SD cards. Are you sure that your micro SD is right way up?
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    Hi Ian, nice to meet you :)
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    The Mother of All Traffic Jams

    People are making money selling water an food there.
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    Hello Groovyj5, nice to meet you :)
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    Hello all :)

    Hi JD, nice to meet you :)
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    Is this a chic dress for dating!

    Dress looks great, but of course needs a place where you can wear it. All the best!
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    not wasting time

    Hi Pubtech, nice to meet you :)
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    OK nice Cat but I think its rubbish !

    I'm glad it's on video
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    Hello everybody!

    Hi Christian, nice to meet you :)