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    problems reinstalling XP

    Thanks guys, I got XP on my C drive, I need to delete the H drive. However I can only access the internet from my H drive, When I tried installing my modem on the C drive (Motorola surfboard) I keep getting an error message (unable to connect) :(
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    problems reinstalling XP

    Yeah, so far the only option it gives me is the H drive.
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    problems reinstalling XP

    My problem started last week when I got an error message and could not start Windows. After searching and talking to experts, I found that I had to reinstall Windows so I did. The problem is that Windows is running from my H drive (It previously ran off my C drive). When I start my computer...
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    OS problem, may have made worse

    My problem started Sunday when I kept getting the screen which gives you the "Safe Mode" option, but no matter what I clicked I kept getting the "Safe Mode" screen. I called tech support and after I followed his suggestions I got a screen that said " Load needed DLLs for kernel" etc. The tech...
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    Problem Installing Photoshop 5.0

    I recently upgraded to Windows XP and I had to reinstall Photoshop 5.0 and Photoshop 6.0 upgrade. After I put the CD in and clicked on install, I got an error mesage that said : "Setup requires _SETUP.DLL and _ISRES.DLL (located in SETUP.LIB) in order to operate properly. Please insure these...