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    Black Screen for Admin Account Only

    Thanks for the suggestion. That didn't work. I still have a black screen after pressing windows key + R. I don't get a command prompt, so I can't type explorer.exe in. I've also gone into Task Manager and tried File -- Run new task -- explorer.exe That doesn't do anything, either. Any...
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    Black Screen for Admin Account Only

    Hi! My son has a Dell PC -- only about a year old -- with three accounts on it: Two user accounts (my son and my daughter) and an admin account (me). Today, he wanted to run SupportAssist and install the updates. To do that, I had to log into my (admin) account. When I try to log into my...
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    Trouble with Home Network

    Hi! I'm not a super-techy. I just know enough to be dangerous. :) I have an older machine that has a wired connection to my internet. My son just bought a newer PC, and it's connected wirelessly to our network. He wanted to play Minecraft together -- a LAN game as we're on the same home...