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  • Hiya Mark sorry so long gettin back to ya but have gone from a desktop pc 2 laptops a iphone & a tablet down to a tablet lol hafta laugh coz its just not funny anyways once the laptop blew apart it did me head in so have sent the damn pc in to shop to be fixed so I can sleep longer than an hr at a time have had sooo many things goin on as well here its been a nightmare but I wanted to thank you so very much for all your time & patience *hugz* was greatly appreciated but once I threw the ph I knew I oughta give it up lol too mu h to deal with so I hope ya realize just how awesome ya been & know its purely my stressin in the background plus bein so ill was just better to ditch the damn stress tytytyty btw cant see sweet all here coz its so damn tiny but hope this gets to ya kudos to you & everybody tnere you guys n gals are awesome
    Hi Mark, you had helped me with a trojan afew months back and I now have a problem with another computer. Antivirus Secuirty Pro has taken over my computer and I am having terrible time getting rid of it. I have tried downloading some programs but the virus blocks them from running, even though I ignore the warnings. I have started a thread but not heard back yet, could you take a look for me please ?
    Hi Matt, this will be tricky to deal with using PM's as we need to run some scans, so please start a new thread and then PM me the link and I'll see what I can do to help.
    Hi Mark, been long time since on here - mostly too busy and diminishing returns in pursuing the bit of trouble with windows updates. I tried to finally thank you for your help but the thread had expired! Guess I wasn't very resourceful in messaging you! (well that wasn't rocket science was it!) Windows updates generally ok but microsoft office will not. This apparently always the problem and still is! we've noticed that we're unable to copy and paste into microsoft word - option appears to be there but no longer works and so using open office to achieve the same?! Any ideas?

    No worry if not since not too debilitating for us at the moment. has hijacked our google search and have tried to uninstall any piggyback progs. but to no avail. We are using google chrome. Very many thanks if you have a moment to look at this for me.

    Kind regards.
    ps Tried downloading hijack this etc...Was disturbed that I couldn't even remember/find out how to save to desktop...oh dear!
    Yup, no problem Kevin, I'll keep the threads going as long as needed. I've only found two so far, but will do a thorough check as soon as I get the time.
    Thanks Mark, will you keep the threads at TSG, I`m not really sure what my outcome will be or how long it will take....Sigh

    Hi Kevin, sorry to hear you are back in Hospital again, hope you are ok. I shall contact Hoov and jump into your threads on TSG.

    Get well soon,
    Hiya Mark,
    Any chance you can contact Hoov at SpywareHammer and ask him to take over my threads there in malware forum. I stuck in hospital again with no PC access, can only use my mob fone. SH bars my access. Got few here stuck also but have managed to answer with mobile to say will be missing 24 hours..


    You're welcome. If in doubt with how to use anything on this site the best person to ask is Cookiegal, I have not looked at how to change personal settings for several years.
    Hello Mark,

    First off, thank for you for picking up the OP. I wish she would have contacted me. I also appreciate your advice about AdwCleaner, thank you. I wasn't aware my settings were such that I couldn't be PM'd. But quite honestly, I'm having difficulty locating the setting, care to share your insight?

    Hi Mark. I need your help ASAP!!!! My computer has been doing ok, but somehow I got Search Conduit on here. My Hardware is already not doing so hot, so I do not need anything making it worse!! Please help me remove it, fast, safe and for FREE!!!! Thanks
    Hi Bill,
    As far as I can remember it just suddenly started to work again and the problem dissapeared.

    Not a lot else I can tell you.

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