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    d link 604

    i have a question im running xp pro and d links 604 router, all ports stealthed except 113 says closed before i was useing za free all stealthed is this a problem? and before you say adjust router remeber im a newby:)
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    date changes

    check to see if battery is good
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    Computer slow

    easy fix your cosmos battery is on its way out have it replaced
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    Toshiba laptop 2100 fan issue?

    sounds like its gone need try to open case very carefully see if fan is removeable then look for replace ment
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    Modem cable company question

    some body on her email list has klez and it scarfed up her adyy if shes up to date and clean tell her to argue that
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    2 disks in CD-ROM at same time...Ouch!

    go to my computer after you put cd in it is it seen? if so right click on it and click explor. what you also can do is make a folder and copy that cd to ur h/d if it copys ur ok (maybe) ive heard mind you i never tried this a gentle car wax mite remove scratches
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    Would I run into Problems

    what moveing away will do is help with a heat problem not need remove driver just move to a slot further away wont lose drivers mite help
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    Comp crashes when playing any games?

    have you tried different ram i had same problem till i put in new
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    not playing sounds in games, cartoons, websites, etc..

    did u connect the sound card cable from cd to mobo or sound card?
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    [Resolved] shorcut changed

    yes sir i did it was gone and i still dont no why:cool:
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    [Resolved] shorcut changed

    i wound up doing a dirty reinstall . i still not no what hiccuped but im virus cleand and trojan free:D
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    [Resolved] shorcut changed

    im running win98se 256 ram, in my sytem tools i used to have a way to click on system info told me all what was on puter. well today its gone, microsoft chat comes up when i click on tab? i didnt install or change anything any help will be appreciated:mad:
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    Strange shutdown situation

    i had that happen to no need to worry just was a temp. glitch:D
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    Bad Sectors

    if that hard drives onley 2 yrs old contact ibm for a replacement most hard drives carry a 3 yr warrenty:cool:
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    Shuttle motherboard

    we just bought 25 of them for our shop and so easy to install and setup